Aztec glyph for "house" FACES OF MESOAMERICA
  Image K5868 - Aztec/Mixtec Drum view the reverse of 5868 K 5868a - Aztec/Mixtec Drum
Aztec/Mixtec. clay, stucco paint. height 22.9 cm. Drum in the form of a skull with whistle in mouth. The reverse has an image of Mictlantecuhtli painted in red. To view image of reverse, click here.
  Image K6116 - Olmec Stone MaskSide view of 6116 K 6116a - Olmec Mask
Olmec. stone. height 17.8 cm Rio Pesquero. Portrait mask. Published The Olmec World page 271.
  Image K6183 - Maya Stone portrait K 6183 - Maya Stone portrait
Maya. stone. height 20.3 cm. Portrait head. May represent decapitated head of a captive.
  Image K6667 - Huastec Figure K 6667 - Huastec Figure
Veracruz. Huastec. painted clay. height 27.4 cm. Seated figure.
  Image K6739 - Veracruz Shaman K 6739 - Veracruz Shaman
Veracruz. clay. height 34.2 cm. Seated figure with hands on knees. A shaman indicated by the tuft of hair. He wears a twisted cloth or rope around his neck and there are scars around his mouth and on his cheeks. Made in the form of a vessel with spout in back.
  Image K6743 - Teotihuacán Mask K 6743 - Teotihuacán Mask
Teotihuacán. gray green stone. height 14.7 cm. Mask.
  Image K6896 - Aztec Stone Mask K 6896 - Aztec Stone Mask
Portrait mask possibly worn during ceremony. height 16.51cm
  Image K7082 - Western Mexico, Colima Warrior K 7082 - Western Mexico, Colima Warrior
Western Mexico, Colima. clay with firing marks. height 35.5 cm. Warrior with spear and shield.

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