About Archaeology
K. Kris Hirst’s Guide

The Archaeology Channel, Archaeological Legacy Institute
Explore human cultural heritage through streaming media.

Archaeology Magazine
An Archaeological Institute of America Publication

Auburn University Montgomery Carnegie Explorer
Explore the geography and archaeology of the ancient Maya at AUM.

Breaking the Maya Code
Illustrated history of its production, animations illustrating the workings of the script and important steps in its decipherment, and an archive containing almost a thousand pages of interview transcripts.

Canadian Society for Mesoamerican Studies
Brief Descriptions of Ancient Cultures

Chocolate in the New World
A Timeline of the History of Chocolate in America

Cultural Heritage Search Engine
Search Engine on Conservation of Cultural Heritage

Dumbarton Oaks
Pre-Columbian Studies

EDGEWALKER: A Conversation with Linda Schele
A Filmed Interview

Guatemala Web
Art, Archaeology, and Travel

History Today
The educational archive of articles, news and study aids for teachers, students and enthusiasts.

Institute of Maya Studies
Pre-Columbian civilizations with emphasis on the study of the Maya

Czech site designed to increase an understanding of Mesoamerica.

The Mayan Calendar with Mayan Glyphs for Modern Dates
By Jeffrey Chouinard

Maya Archaeology News
Mike Ruggeri's Maya Archaeology News

Maya Decipherment
A Weblog on the Ancient Maya Script - weblog overseen by Dr. David Stuart

Maya Ruins
Photos from Maya Sites

Maya Society of Minnesota
Monkey Scribe Online

Maya Vision
Maya illustrations depicting sites visited by Steve Radzi.
Caracol, Chichen Itza, Copan, Dzibanche, Ek Balam,
Hochob, Kiuic, Mayapan, Xkichmook, Yaxchilan, Zaculeu and many more.

Maya Writing
Erik Boot’s Maya-English Vocabulary

Meso 3D
Meso-3D is an expandable database that contains information about the Mesoamerican Formative period (c. 1800 BC to AD 200).

Mesoamerican Art Slide Collection
Manuel Aguilar’s Mesoamerican Art

Mesoamerican Center at The University of Texas at Austin
Annual Maya Meetings at The University of Texas at Austin

Mesoamerican Photo Archives
David R. Hixson, Tulane University

An Exploration of Mesoamerican Cultures

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas

U.K. website for teachers and students of all ages with a serious interest in the Aztecs.

Index of Links to PreColumbian Resources

National Geographic Magazine
NGM Resource article on Aguateca.
NGM Resource article on Piedras Negras

National Museum of the American Indian
Set against the dramatic backdrop of the U.S. Capitol building on the National Mall,
the museum's location symbolizes a deeper understanding and reconciliation
between America's first citizens and those who have come to make these shores their

Popol Vuh Museum
The Popol Vuh Museum offers the visitor a unique exploration of the history of Guatemala,
illustrated with one of the best collections of pre-Columbian and colonial art in the country.
The museum is a private, scientific, non-profit institution, incorporated to the Francisco
Marroquin University.

Pre Columbian Society of Washington DC
Pre Columbian Society of Washington DC

Princeton University Art Muesum
Two recent exhibitions of Pre-Columbian material have their own websites:
Music from the Land of the Jaguar
Sorcerers of the Fifth Heaven

Project for the Documentation of the Languages of Mesoamerica (PDLMA)
Aims, history, and results of research by the PDLMA, includes online database.

Smithsonian Institution
National Museum of Natural History

Professor Sugiyama, Arizona State University

The Tikal National Park
Information about the various aspects of the Tikal National Park.

Traditional High Cultures
Oral and Written Histories, from Ecological Linguistics.

University of Pennsylvania
University of Pennsylvania - FAMSI joint project: Bibliografía Mesoamericana

Uxmal, Kabah, Sayil, and Labná: The Puuc Region, Yucatán, México
By Charles S. Rhyne, Reed College

The European Association of Mayanists.

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