Linguistic Maps of Mesoamerica

Linguistic Map of Mesoamerica

This Linguistic Map is based on the previous linguistic maps of Mendizábal and Jiménez (1936, 1941), Frederick Johnson (1940), and McQuown (1955) and has been modified from The Handbook of Middle American Indians.

Click to enlarge image of Native Languages of Mesoamerica

This Linguistic Map by Nicholas Hopkins and Kathryn Josserand (2005); is based on the map by R. Longacre in Handbook of Middle American Indians, Vol. 5 (1967), and data from Lyle Campbell in The Linguistics of Southeast Chiapas (1988). (Click on image to enlarge)

Maya Area Linguistic Map by J. Kathryn Josserand and Nicholas A. Hopkins in PDF format

The PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to get the latest version.

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