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Dictionary of Maya Hieroglyphs


abstr. abstractivizer
act. active
adj. adjective
adv. adverb / adverbial
af. affix
ag. agentive
attr. attributivizer (-ul in k'uh-ul
aux. auxiliary
CR Calendar Round
com. completive
c.n. compound noun
conj. conjunction/conjunctive
decl. declarative
deic. deictic
denom. denominalizer
dem. demonstrative
DN Distance Number
DNIG Distance Number Introductory Glyph
EG Emblem Glyph
erg. ergative female agentive
fem. feminine
1st pers. first person
1PA first person plural absolutive
1PE first person plural ergative
1SA first person singular absolutive
1SE first person singular ergative
ff full figure
hv head variant
incom. incompletive
IS Initial Series
ISIG Initial Series Introductory Glyph
intr. intransitive
inv. inverted
irreg. irregular
i.v. intransitive verb
loc. locative / location
LC Long Count
ms main sign
masc. masculine
nn no number
n. noun
nom. nominalizer
num. class. numeral classifier
num. numeral/number
part. particle
pass. passive
PE Period Ending
pers. person
phr. phrase
pl. plural
pos. positional
poss. possessive / possessed
pref. prefix
prep. preposition
prev. prevocalic
PSS Primary Standard Sequence
prog. progressive
pron. pronoun
quot. quotative
refl. reflexive
relat. relationship glyph
r.i.v. root intransitive verb
2nd pers. second person
2PA second person plural absolutive
2PE second person plural ergative
2SA second person singular absolutive
2SE second person singular ergative
sing. singular
suf. suffix
temp. temporal
3rd pers. third person
3PA third person plural absolutive
3PE third person plural ergative
3SA third person singular absolutive
3SE third person singular ergative
them. thematic suffix
tit. titular
tr. transitive
t.v. transitive verb
v variant
v. verb
verb. verbalized/verbalizing suffix

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