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Publication:  The Terminal Classic in the Maya Lowlands:  Collapse, Transition, and Transformation
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Research Year:  2001
Culture:  Maya
Chronology:  Terminal Classic
Location:  Maya Lowland, Guatemala
Sites:  Various

The Terminal Classic in the Maya Lowlands:  Collapse, Transition, and Transformation
edited by Arthur A. Demarest, Prudence M. Rice, and Don S. Rice

Table of Contents

List of Figures
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Editors’ Preface

  1. The Terminal Classic and the "Classic Maya Collapse" in Perspective
    Prudence M. Rice, Arthur A. Demarest, and Don S. Rice
  1. Hermeneutics, Transitions, and Transformations in Classic to Postclassic Maya Society
    Diane Z. Chase and Arlen F. Chase
  1. Terminal Classic Period Lowland Ceramics
    Prudence M. Rice and Donald Forsyth
  1. The Last Hurrah:  Continuity and Transformation at Seibal
    Gair Tourtellot and Jason J. González
  1. Settlement and Late Classic Political Disintegration in the Petexbatún Region, Guatemala
    Matt O’Mansky and Nicholas P. Dunning
  1. After the Maelstrom:  Collapse of the Classic Maya Kingdoms and the Terminal Classic in Western Petén
    Arthur A. Demarest
  1. Late Classic to Postclassic Transformations in the Petén Lakes Region, Guatemala
    Prudence M. Rice and Don S. Rice
  1. Disaster in Sight:  The Terminal Classic at Tikal and Uaxactún
    Juan Antonio Valdés and Federico Fahsen
  1. Defining the Terminal Classic at Calakmul, Campeche
    Geoffrey E. Braswell, Joel D. Gunn, María del Rosario Domínguez Carrasco, William J. Folan, Laraine A. Fletcher, Abel Morales López, and Michael D. Glascock
  1. Terminal Classic Settlement and Polity in the Mopán Valley, Petén, Guatemala
    Juan Pedro Laporte
  1. Dating Copán Culture-History:  Implications for the Terminal Classic and the Collapse
    David Webster, AnnCorinne Freter, and Rebecca Storey
  1. Political Decentralization, Dynastic Collapse, and the Early Postclassic in the Urban Center of Copán, Honduras
    William L. Fash, E. Wyllys Andrews, and T. Kam Manahan
  1. Out with a Whimper:  La Milpa in the Terminal Classic
    Norman Hammond and Gair Tourtellot
  1. Commoner Sense:  Late and Terminal Classic Social Strategies in the Xunantunich Area
    Wendy Ashmore, Jason Yaeger, and Cynthia Robin
  1. Transformations, Periodicity, and Urban Development in the Three Rivers Region
    R.E.W. Adams, H.R. Robichaux, Fred Valdez Jr., Brett A.Houk, and Ruth Mathews
  1. Terminal Classic Status-Linked Ceramics and the Maya "Collapse":  De Facto Refuse at Caracol, Belize
    Arlen F. Chase and Diane Z. Chase
  1. Ceramics and Settlement Patterns at Terminal Classic-Period Lagoon Sites in Northeastern Belize
    Marilyn A. Masson and Shirley Boteler Mock
  1. Out of Sight:  The Postclassic and Early Colonial Periods at Chau Hiix, Belize
    Christopher R. Andres and K. Anne Pyburn
  1. High Times in the Hill Country:  A Perspective from the Terminal Classic Puuc Region
    Kelli Carmean, Nicholas Dunning, and Jeff Karl Kowalski
  1. The Rise and Fall of Terminal Classic Yaxuna, Yucatán, Mexico
    Charles Suhler, Traci Ardren, David Freidel, and Dave Johnstone
  1. The Decline of the East:  The Classic to Postclassic Transition at Ek Balam, Yucatán
    William M. Ringle, George J. Bey III, Tara Bond Freeman, Craig A. Hanson, Charles W. Houck, and J. Gregory Smith
  1. Chichén Itzá:  Settlement and Hegemony During the Terminal Classic Period
    Rafael Cobos Palma
  1. The Terminal Classic in the Maya Lowlands:  Assessing Collapses, Terminations, and Transformations
    Arthur A. Demarest, Prudence M. Rice, and Don S. Rice



The Terminal Classic and the "Classic Maya Collapse" in Perspective
Perspectives on the End of the Classic Period
Transitions, Transformations, and Collapses in the Terminal Classic: 
The Chapters in this Volume
Results and Prospects

FAMSI contributed funding toward the illustrations for this volume.

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Boulder, Colorado 80303
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