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Merle Greene Robertson

Chichén Itzá: The Palace of the Sculptured Columns
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Figure 7.  Carlos Carmons, Merle Greene Robertson, and Edward Kurjack (left to right) carrying the Explorers Club Flag.

Research Year:  1996
Culture:  Maya
Chronology:  Late Classic to Terminal Classic
Location:  Yucatán, México
Site:  Chichén Itzá

Table of Contents

Photographs of Rubbings at Chichén Itzá
Map of Chichén Itzá
Rubbings from Palace of the Sculptured Columns, Chichén Itzá
Height of Figures on Columns
Circumference of Columns
Color on Sculptured Columns
Panels from Osario (High Priest's Grave)

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