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1998 International Congress of Mayanists, Guatemala
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1998 International Congress of Mayanists Program cover

Research Year:  1997
Culture:  Maya
Chronology:  Preclassic to Postclassic
Location:  Guatemala
Site:  Congress in Antigua

The Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc., (FAMSI), provided support to assist with the organization of the IV International Congress of Mayanists, which was held for the first time in Guatemala, during the week of August 2nd through the 8th, 1998.  FAMSI’s grant also allowed Dr. Juan Antonio Valdés and the organizing committee to make commitments for the staging of the event. The congress was carried out in the World Heritage site of Antigua, Guatemala, with most of the sessions located at the Hotel Santo Domingo, the 16th century Jesuit monastery. This was particularly fitting, as Santo Domingo was for many years the home of the renowned Carnegie Institution archaeologist, Dr. Edwin Shook.

Dr. Valdés expressed heartfelt appreciation to the Foundation and reported that the IV International Congress of Mayanists was an incredible success with 350 investigators of the Mayan culture responding to their convocation.

There were forty-six session titles and coordinators:  (Originally presented in Spanish, translation by Silvia Sullivan)

Archaeology in Northern Yucatán
Rubén Maldonado

Mayan Osteology: New perspectives about diets, health and social inequality in the Mayan past
Lori E. Wright

Physical Anthropology
Carlos Lenkersdorf

Lectures and Proposals to the Mayan identity
José Alejos García

Colonial History
Ma. Carmen León

Bonampak: Ancient images, roots of identity
Beatriz de la Fuente

Cozumel: Geographic vision and a mayan island
Álvaro Sánchez Crispín

Feasts, rituals and sacred spaces
Martha Ilia Nájera

The powers of the sacred
Carmen Valverde

Social movements in the Maya World
Ma. Odile Marion, Sergio Ricco and Leif Korsback

Mayan Literature
Jorge Cocom

The land possession and indigenous work in the Yucatán Peninsula
Pedro Bracamontes and Martha Villalobos

The Trocortesian Codex
Andrés Ciudad Ruiz

Mayan language and culture
Lorenzo Ochoa and Patricia Martell

Tikal: External and Internal relations
Juan Antonio Valdés

Towards a legal pluralism
Ana Luisa Izquierdo

Archaeology of Guatemala and Honduras
Patricia del Aguila

IDAEH's intervention in the cultural triangle of Yaxhá-Nakum-Naranjo, Petén, Guatemala
Óscar Quintana Samayoa

New Investigations in Calakmul
Dorie Reents-Budet

Archaeology of Chiapas
Carlos Álvarez

The importance of restoration in the study of mayan societies
Valeria García Vierna

Culture and Society in the Yucatán Peninsula, XIX-XX
Elsa Ortega Peña

Coming back as Mayas from Guatemala: The process of identity
Allan F. Burns

Spatial analysis
Oswaldo Gómez

Gender studies
Mario H. Ruz Sosa

Archaeoastronomy and time-space structuring in the Mayan society
Stanislaw Iwaniszewski

Archaeological studies in Northern Belize
Fred Valdés

Interrelation between the lineages and the political-territorial organization in the Yucatán peninsula
Tsubasa Okoshi y Lorraine Williams-Beck

Metaphor in Mesoamerica
Karen Dakin and Mercedes Montes de Oca

Languages and Mayan identities
Waykan (José Gonzalo and Benito Pérez)

Ancient footprints in the contemporary mayan forest. Settlement and environment in El Pilar
Anabel Ford

Socialization and identity processes in the social imagery of Yucatán
Luis Várguez Pasos

Psychosocial aspects of the mayan languages
John Haviland

Recreation of the ethnic borders
Shigeto Yoshida

Colonial, Modern and Contemporary Art
Ma. Elena Guerrero

Epigraphy Topics
Maricela Ayala

The Chontal Maya from Comalcalco, Tabasco
Ricardo Armijo Torres

Grammatical aspects of the mayan languages
Nora England

Archaeology of the Yucatán Peninsula and Belize
Laura Sotelo Santos

Places and formation processes of collective identities in Yucatán
Ella Quintal

Religious and Political Organization
Fernando Cámara Barbachano

Chiapas and Guatemala today
Ulrich Köhler

Mayan iconography and identity
Tomás Pérez

The mayan identity: Prehispanic period
Bárbara Arroyo
Beatriz de la Fuente
Federico Fahsen
Otto Schumman
Lory Whight

The mayan identity: Colonial period
Thomas Lee
Gudrun Lenkersdorf
Tsubasa Okoshi
Gustavo Palma

The mayan identity: Contemporary period
Rodolfo Carmack
Narciso Cojti
Robert Lobato
Carol Smith

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Submitted 11/01/1998 by:

Universidad de San Carlos, Guatemala

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