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Publication:  Research Reports on Ancient Maya Writing
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Publication: Research Reports on Ancient Maya Writing. Click on cover to view larger, higher resolution image.

Research Year:  1998
Culture:  Maya
Chronology:  Early Classic to Post Classic
Location:  Maya Area
Sites:  Various Maya Cities

Research Reports on Ancient Maya Writing

Publication for numbers 40 through 49 in the series entitled Research Reports on Ancient Maya Writing, listed below, was made possible through a FAMSI-funded grant.

  1. "The Discovery, Exploration, and Monuments of Nim Li Punit, Belize," Norman Hammond, Sheena Howarth, & Richard Wilk (02/99)
  2. "A Commentary on the Hieroglyphic Inscriptions of Nim Li Punit, Belize" ("Un comentario sobre los textos jeroglíficos de Nim Li Punit, Belice"), Nikolai Grube, Barbara MacLeod, & Phil Wanyerka (02/99)
    [40 & 41 are bound together]
  1. "A Maya Wooden Figure from Belize" ("Una figura madera de Belice"), George E. Stuart (07/99)
  2. "Nights Errant: A Look at Wayward Lords of the Night" ("Noches errantes: una mirada a los Señors descarriados de la noche"), Bruce Frumker (07/99)
  3. "The Weavers in the Códices" ("Los tejedores en los códices"), Mary A. Ciaramella (07/99)
    [42, 43 & 44 are bound together]
  1. "A New Inscription from Nim Li Punit, Belize" ("Una nueva inscripción de Nim Li Punit, Belice"), David Stuart & Nikolai Grube (07/00)
  2. "The Syllabic Value of Sign T77 as k’i" ("El valor silábico del signo T77 como k’i"), David F. Mora-Marín (08/00)
    [45 & 46 are bound together]
  1. "Quality and Quantity in Glyphic Nouns and Adjectives" ("Calidad y cantidad de los sustantivos y adjectivos glíficos"), Stephen Houston, John Robertson, & David Stuart (01/01)
  1. "An Inscribed Shell Drinking Vessel from the Maya Lowlands" ("Un recipiente de concha con inscripciones, para beber, proveniente de las tierras bajas mayas"), George E. Stuart (12/01)
  2. "A Reading of the "Completion Hand" as TZUTZ" ("Una lectura del signo "mano-terminación" como TZUTZ"), David Stuart (12/01)
  3. "Evidence for Language Change in Ancient Maya Writing: A Case Study of the Verb Tzutz" ("Pruebas del cambio en el lenguaje en la antigua escritura maya: Un estudio de caso del verbo Tzutz"), Zachary X. Hruby & John S. Roberston (12/01)
    [48, 49 & 50 are bound together]

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