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A Grammar of the Yucatecan Mayan Language
by David & Alejandra Bolles

Modern H-Men Rituals

The next four pieces are rituals by H-Menoob (shamans) during this century. The first ritual which is part of a thanksgiving ceremony was recorded by Alfonso Villa Rojas and published by Redfield and Villa Rojas in the ethnographic study of the village of Chan Kom ("Chan Kom, A Maya Village", Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1934). The second ritual is a curing ceremony performed by Don Felipe Paz of Tecoh in about 1964 and recorded by Carol Leonard. The third ritual, also a curing ceremony, was performed by Don Anotnio Hau of Teabo in 1974 and recorded by the co-author (D.D.B.). The forth piece is a pair of rituals done for bee hives by Don Felipe Paz. The first ritual was recorded by Carol Leonard in 1964 and the second was recorded by Malcolm Shuman in 1972. There is no significant difference in the language of these four sets of rituals.

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