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A Grammar of the Yucatecan Mayan Language
by David & Alejandra Bolles

The Exploits of Juan Thul, The Trickster Rabbit

The following stories are about the rabbit Juan Thul (John Rabbit) and the various jokes he plays on other animals and on people.

The Trickster Rabbit story cycle was a common story cycle amongst many of the Gulf coast indian peoples. It is thought for example that the "Brear Rabbit" stories got into the American folk culture through the enslaved Choctaw indians who passed the stories onto the enslaved blacks. At the present time however there are many stories amongst the Maya which have come from such things as Walt Disney movies and Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny comic books, so it is hard to know in some instances what is truly native to the Maya and what is recycled from outside media. For example, amongst these "Juan Thul" stories there is the "Tar Baby" story. Does this story originate amongst the Maya or is it a recent import? In one of our conversations with Don Alfredo Barrera Vasquez the subject of the "Tar Baby" story came up. He assured us that the "Tar Baby" story was an old story amongst the Maya predating any modern mode of cultural transmission. His assumption was that the wide-spread trade that was carried on in the Gulf of Mexico in pre-hispanic times was responsible for the diffusion of the Trickster Rabbit stories throughout this area.

told by Bernardino Tun, Piste
tzicbaltabi tumen Bernardino Tun, Piste
(based on the recording done by Manuel J. Andrade)

There was once a small Rabbit who came out daily to feed himself on a field of grass. It happened that he was seen by a Big Male Puma. Then the Puma said, "Today I am going to eat you John." he said to him.

Yan bin huntul chan Thul zanzamal cu hokol u tzentcuba ti u chakanil zuuc. Chen de repente ca yilabi tumen huntul Nuc Xib Coh. Ca tu yalah Cohe, "Behlae cin hantcecha Juan." cu yalah ti.

John answered him, "Hey. Why are you going to eat me? Well I have been left to guard this little field so that no one can enter to ruin anything." he said. "O.K. There is a way that I can come with you wherever you enter. Only if you carry my food of grass so that I can come with you."

Ca tu nucah Juan letie, "Eya. Baanten bin a hanten. Pues tene pataanene in calant le chan chakana 'tial mu ocol mixmac kazcunt ulak mixbaali." cu thana. "Bueno. Humppel modo hin tal ta pach hetuux ca oceche. Hayli ca cuch in uoch zuuce yolal cu patal in tal ta pach."

Then the Big Male Puma said, "Well if thus you will come with me O.K. well I will carry your food of grass." spoke the Big Male Puma, thus he answered. Anyway, John then gathered the two burdens of grass, then he placed them on Puma. He thoroughly tied them on the back of Big Male Puma between the front and hind legs. He tied it everywhere. Then he began to go. Then said John, "O.K.," he spoke it is said, "since you took my food the grass well onto your back also I have to get up on you so that I can go more comfortably." John spoke to him it is said.

Ca tu yalah Nuc Xib Cohe, "Pues ua tumen ha tal tin pache bueno pues cin cuch a uoch zuuc." cu than Nuc Xib Coh, ca tu nucah. Haylibe, Juan ca tu kaxah ca cuch zuuce, ca tu dza t'yokol Coh. Ca tu tatalkax tu pach Nuc Xib Cohe tac tu cap yoc. Tulacal tuux tu kaxah. Ca hoppol u bin. Ca yalah Juane, "Bueno," cu than bin, "hebix ta bizah in uoch zuuca pues ta pach xane yan in naacal ta uokole t'yolal u patal in bin mas comodo." cu than bin Juan ti.

Then said Big Male Puma, "O.K. Because you are accompanying me well I too will do that which you say." spoke Big Male Puma it is said. John then climbed on the back of Big Male Puma. Then they began to go. Only as they were going then John lit his cigar. Then Big Male Puma said, "Hey John! Watch out that you don't light the grass on my back!" spoke Big Male Puma. Anyway John just listened. Then he just contentedly smoked as he went on Big Male Puma. Anyway, when the cigar was finished then he stuck the end of the cigar on the grass which Puma was carrying. Just as John saw that the grass had caught fire they had just arrived at the mouth of a large well, John then threw himself forcefully, then he got off. Big Male Puma then went about beating himself to put the fire out but the grass which he carried only caught fire more. Then he wildly threw himself into the well. Well in there it was put out. After it was out and he made certain it was out he climbed out. Then he said, "John has made fun of me therefore I have to catch him to eat him. He has done to me whatever he has wanted." spoke Big Male Puma. Then he set on the smell of John.

Ca tu yalah Nuc Xib Cohe, "Malob. Tumen ca acompañarcene pues tene xane in dzoczic le baax ca ualic." cu than bin Nuc Xib Coh. Juan ca naac tu pach Nuc Xib Cohe. Ca hoppol u binoob. Chen tan u binobe ca tu thabah u chamal Juan. Ca tu yalah Nuc Xib Cohe, "Eya Juan! Bic ta thab le zuuc tin pacho!" cu than Nuc Xib Cohe. Haylibe Juane chen tu yubah. Ca tu ci dzudz tan u bin yokol Nuc Xib Coh. Haylibe, cu xupul u chamale ca tu capah u cabo u chamale yokol le zuuc u cuchmah Coh. Le ca tu yilah Juan dzoc u cħic kak le zuuc dzoc u taclobe tu chi humppel dzonote, Juan ca tu calcħintubae, ca emi. Nuc Xib Cohe ca tu man u ppuppuchcuba u tup tu tane mas cu thabah le zuuc cu cuchmaho. Ca tu karancħintuba dzonot. Pues ti lelo ca tupi. Cu dzocol u tupule u yilic u posible u tupule ca hoki. Ca tu yalah, "Juan bet yolal tenen yan in chucic yol' in hantic. Dzoc u betic ten yolal hebix bin yoltce." cu than Nuc Xib Coh. Ca tzay tu boc Juan.

Anyway. Well as he was following John all of a sudden he caught up with him. He was in a large cave. Then he said like this, "What are you doing. I am chasing you John."

Haylibe. Pues tan u bin tu pach Juane chen de repente ca tu chucpachahe. Ti humppel nuc xib zahcab yan. Ca tu yalah ti beya, "Baax ca bet. Tech cin pudze Juan."

"Not me." said John when he spoke to him. "Me I am here to take care and hold up the world so that it does not fall down. Can't you see? You can see that I have been here so long that my shit is old." said it is said John to the Big Male Puma thus he answered. "They have even gone so far as to have made a bell for me here so that I can pull it here." he said it is said. He said to the Big Male Puma, "It is not I who have escaped you. I was place here long ago by the true god. I take care of the world. Don't you see that if I take away my hand from here I hold it up it falls?" said John, thus he answered. Just as John took away his hand "weh" then (pieces of) the cave fell. Then he immediately took hold of it again. "If you wish to do me a favor," he said it is said to the Big Male Puma, "you would hold up the ceiling for a moment. Me not even food for so many days have I eaten I have not eaten." said John thus he spoke as he said to the Big Male Puma.

"Ma tene." cu than Juan ca thanahi. "Tene ti yanen uaye in calant in lath yokol caba yolal ma u hutul. Ma t'ilic? Ta uilic tene uaye yanen hasta labantac in ta uaye." cu than bin Juan ti Nuc Xib Coh ca tu nucah. "Hasta tin uolal tu betahoob ten uaye tac humppel campana ti yolal in col uaye." cu than bin. Cu than ti le Nuc Xib Cohe, "Ma ten a pudzo. Ten hach uch dzabcen uay tumen hahal dios. In calant le yokol caba. Ma ta uilic ua cin lukzic in kab te in lath le caana cu hutul?" cu than Juan, ca tu nucah. Chen tu lukzah u kab Juan ueh ca hutul le zahcabo. Ca tu chen han chicuba tucateni. "Ua ca uolt a bet ten humppel favore," cu than bin ti Nuc Xib Coh, "ha lath le caan hunzutuca. Tene mix hanal bucaah kin ma hancen ma hanceni." cu than Juan ca tu yalah cu than ti Nuc Xib Coh.

Then spoke the Big Male Puma, "If thus you won't take a long time John well I will hold up the ceiling." said the Big Male Puma. "But careful that you don't fool me because I can catch you. Just try to fool me again."

Ca tu yalah Nuc Xib Cohe, "Ua tumen ma xantale Juan pues tene cin lath le caano." cu than Nuc Xib Coh. "Pero bic ma trabarten porque tech in pudzca. Chen tan a ca trabarcen."

"No. Not me. Me the true god put here." said it is said John.

"Ma. Ma tene. Tene hahal dios dzamali uaye." cu than bin Juan.

Anyway. Big Male Puma saw himself fooled when he just held up the cave. "If thus you see that after awhile I haven't come pull the little bell which is next to you so that I will come immediately." he said it is said John to him. Anyway then the Big Male Puma went and strengthened himself a little to hold up the cave. While he just held it up the Big Male Puma got tired of waiting for the return of John who was out eating. Then he quickly pull the bell which was told to him, then fell down a large hornet's nest which began to bite him so that the Big Male Puma ran out jumping. Anyway as he came out he said, "Hey but John has really fooled me. I have to capture him so that I can eat him." said it is said Big Male Puma. Then he went after the smell of John. As he was going after John suddenly he saw him on a large flat meadow where he was contentedly while holding a vine (lit. "rope of the sky"). He was just playing with it.

Haylibe. Nuc Xib Cohe ca tu yilhuba trabartaanile ca tu chen lathah le zahcabe. "Ua tumen ta uilah xanchah ma taceni ca colic le chan campana yan ta dzela ca ppatac in talac enseguidas." cu than bin Juan ti. Haylibe ca bin tu chan cħicuba Nuc Xib Cohe u lath le zahcabo. U chen lathmah naac u yol Nuc Xib Cohe ma tac Juane bihaan tu hanale. Ca tu ham paytal le campana alaal tie, le ca lubi nuc xib dzibilnail cucul chi tie ca zith yalcabe Nuc Xib Coh. Haylibe cu hokole ca tu yalah, "Eya pero Juane dzoc u zen trabarcen. Yan in chuce yolal u patal in hantic." cu than bin Nuc Xib Coh. Ca tzay tu boc Juan. Tan u bin tu pach Juane chen ca tec ilahe ti humppel nuc xib tatz kancabe te ci yani u machmah humppel x-tab caani. Tan u baaxali.

"Hey John! I am going to catch you." said the Big Male Puma.

"Eya Juan! Tech in pudze." cu than Nuc Xib Coh.

"No. Not me. Me I hold the "rope of the sky" so that it doesn't fall. If I should let it go by god the world would be destroyed." said it is said John. "Stay and see how beautiful the "rope of the sky" which I am holding on to is." said it is said John to him. John then jumped lightly up and said to the vine, "Shrivel yourself up vine! Shrivel yourself up vine! Shrivel yourself up vine!" Thus he spoke as he went up (the vine). Then he says to it, "Extend yourself vine! Extend yourself vine! Extend yourself vine!" as he climbed back down it. Big Male Puma just watched.

"Ma. Ma teni. Tene in machmah u tabil caani yolal mu lubul. Ua cin halkabtce adios cu hayal yokol cab." cu than bin Juan. "Paat a uilic bucaah hadzutzil le u tabil caan in machmah." cu than bin Juan ti. Juane cu chen ci tu zith caanale cu yalic ti le x-tab caanilo, "Motzaba x-tab caanil! Motzaba x-tab caanil! Motzaba x-tab caanil!" Cie than u chen bin caanal. Cu yalic tie, "Zadzaba x-tab caanil! Zadzaba x-tab caanil! Zadzaba x-tab caanil!" le cu ca emi cabal. Nuc Xib Cohe chen tan u yilic.

"John, you are just fooling me." said the Big Male Puma.

"Juan, chen tan trabarcen." cu yalic Nuc Xib Coh.

"No. If you grab the vine you will see how beautiful it is." said it is said John to Big Male Puma.

"Ma. Ua ca machmah le x-tabil caana ha uilic bucaah hadzutzile." cu than bin Juan ti Nuc Xib Coh.

Anyway, Big Male Puma says to him, "John. I have to eat you. I am chasing you. You have already done a lot of things to me. I have to eat you."

Haylibe, Nuc Xib Cohe tan yalice, "Juan. Yan in hantcech. Tech in pudze. Dza zen betic ten a uolal. Yan in hantcech."

"If because of that you want to eat me, then eat me, but then the world must also come to an end. Don't you see. The thing which I am holding is the rope of the sky." said it is said John to him. "Grab me! But careful lest you forget to say when you want to that which I told you." said it is said John to him.

"Ua tumen a kat a hantcene, hantceni, pero lo que es yokol cab xan yan u xulul. Ma ta uilic. Le in machmah u tab caan." cu than bin Juan ti. "Machtene! Pero bic tubul a ualic le baax cen a uolt cin ualtecha." cu than bin Jaun ti.

At this Big Male Puma came to see that it was very beautiful then he went just to grab it. Then the Big Male Puma just began to say, "Shrink yourself vine! Shrink yourself vine! Shrink yourself vine!" as he just went up. Then he just says it is said again, "Stretch yourself vine! Stretch yourself vine!" and nicely he just came down again. Well that is what he was doing that is what he was saying when it happen that he forgot. Then he says, "Shrink yourself vine! Shrink yourself vine! Shrink yourself vine!" He forgot to say that which he is to say the Big Male Puma forgets the way it is told to him. Just it keeps on really shrinking until it snaps, then Big Male Puma fell. After he fell and returned to consciousness. Then he said, "Hey! But that John has really very much fooled me! I have now to eat him!" said the Big Male Puma. Then he followed the smell of John. John went directly to a meadow of a cocoyol palm tree. Anyway, after he arrives then he picked ten loads of palm nuts. Then he splits them. Anyway, then he begins to eat. He is just quite happy as he is eating the palm nuts when the Big Male Puma appears.

Ca bin tu yilah Nuc Xib Coh de que hach hadzutze ca tu chen machah. Ca chen hopp u yalic Nuc Xib Coh, "Motzaba x-tab caanil! Motzaba x-tab caanil! Motzaba x-tab caanil!" tan chen bin caanal. Tu chen alic bin tucaten, "Zadzaba x-tab caanil! Zadzaba x-tab caanil!" ci cu chen emi cabal tucaten. Pues le cu betce ca bin yalah ca bin tub tie. Ca tu yalic, "Motzaba x-tab caanil! Motzaba x-tab caanil! Motzaba x-tab caanil! Motzaba x-tab caanil!" Tub yalice le u yalic cu tub tie u modo alic tie Nuc Xib Coh bix u betce ca hopp u yalic u motzcuba le x-tab caanilo. Chen tan u hach motzcuba ca thocchahe, ca lubi Nuc Xib Coh. Dzoc u lubule ca zunah tu yole. Ca tu yalah, "Eya! Pero le Juano dzoc u tippil u zen trabarcen! Yan tun in hantic!" cu than Nuc Xib Coh. Ca tu tzay tu boc Juan. Juane bin u betah huntadzac tu chakanil humppel tuk. Haylibe, cu kuchle ca tu yenzah diez u cuchul tuke. Ca tu paic. Haylibe, ca hopp u hantic. Chen nayal yol tan u hantic le tuko ca tu tippil Nuc Xib Coh.

"Hey John! It is you who I am chasing!" says Big Male Puma to him. Anyway, well Big Male Puma arrives at his side.

"Eya Juan! Tech in pudze!" cu than Nuc Xib Coh ti. Haylibe, pues tan u kuchul Nuc Xib Coh t'yicnale.

"How then do you know? Me since I was put here so that I can very much split open the palm nuts of all this meadow palm by the true god." he said. John grabs that palm nut, he holds it with his feet. Dze!, he splits it. He takes it, he eats it.

"Bix tun a uohel? Tene desde dzanen uaye utial in zen pa u tukil tulacal le chakanil tuka tumen hahal diose." cu than. Juane cu machic le tuko, cu nathoctice. Dze!, cu paic. Cu machce, cu hantic.

"John. Well what is it that you are eating like that?"

"Juan. Pos baax le ca hantic beyo?"

"Well don't you see what I am eating? My eggs (testicles) I am eating." he says it is said. "If you do yours like that (which) are bigger, it should be that the seed inside is very much more delicious it seems." John says it is said to Big Male Puma. Big Male Puma is just listening. Well just while he was just doing it like that he began to see himself become fooled again. Then he began to go, then he began to near himself beside John. He watched intently. John takes a palm nut between his feet. Dze!, he splits it. He takes it, he eats it. John says to Big Male Puma, "Here! Try the seed of my eggs so that you can taste it." he says it is said to him. "You taste to see if it isn't very good." Then Big Male Puma took it and eat it. Well as he was eating it he felt it was delicious. "If you want you can do yours like that." said John it is said to the Puma. Anyway Puma just saw himself fooled like that. He sat himself well down on a rock, then he began to take that palm nut, then he began to split it. "Not that one like that! The ones are your eggs! Those are the ones with the good seeds. Not those!" he said it is said. Well anyway in that he is just fooled like that then Big Male Puma went and took out his eggs. Then he laid them on that rock. Whack! Then Big Male Puma smashed his eggs it is said. Then he immediately laid down, then he died. When John saw that Big Male Puma had just died then he jump up running. He is just clapping his hand as he went. Well that which he did like that when he saw that he just killed Puma was that he took off. I was just passing there where John was seated he was very contented because he had just killed Big Male Puma.

"Pos ma ua ta uilce baax cin hantca? In huevos cin hantic." cu than bin. "Ua ca bet tech beyo mas nuctacoob, debe ser mas hach ci u nek uale." cu than bin Juan ti Nuc Xib Coh. Nuc Xib Cohe chen tan u yubic. Pues tan ichil u chen betic beyo ca hopp chen ilicuba trabartaale. Ca hopp u bin, ca hopp u nadzcuba yicnal Juane. U hach ilahe. Juane cu nathoctic tuko. Dze!, cu paic. Cu machce, cu hantic. Cu yalic Juan ti Nuc Xib Coh, "Hela! Probar u nek in huevos a uuya." cu than bin ti. "Ca uuy ua ma len malob." Cu machah Nuc Xib Cohe ca tu hantah. Pues tan u hantce cu yubce malob. "Ua ca uolte bet tech beyo." cu than bin Juan ti Coh. Haylibe Cohe tu chen ilahuba trabartaani beyo. Ca ci etzcuba yokol humppel tuniche, ca hopp tu mach le tuko, ca hopp u paic. "Ma leti lelo! Letie a huevos! Letie u nek malobo. Ma letie!" cu than bin. Pues haylibe ichil u chen trabartaale beyo ca bin tu hozah u huevos Nuc Xib Cohe. Ca tu peccuntah yokol le tuncho. Yacħ! Ca tu puchah u huevos bin Nuc Xib Cohe. Ca cu tec calaancali, ca cimi. Ca tu yilah Juan dzoc u cimil Nuc Xib Cohe ca zith yalcab. Tan chen papaxkabe bin tu betah. Pues le baax tu betah beyo ca tu yilah dzoc u cimzic Cohe bin tu betahe. Ca manen telo ti ppucaan Juan cimac yol dzoc u cinzic Nuc Xib Coh.

told by Martina Yu Chan, Ticul
tzicbaltabi tumen Martina Yu Chan, Ticul
(edited by Alejandra Kim Bolles from a recording)

There was they say a little rabbit, he was being sought after by a hunter. When he finally got tired of running, then he saw a cave, then he went in. He's thinking like this, "Wow! If the man comes in here, he has then to shoot me. How am I going to do it? I'm going to hold up the cave. If he comes in here, I say to him since I was born I'm holding up this cave." Then he held up that cave.

Yan bin huntul chan thule, tu chucpachtaal tumen huntul h-dzone. Dzoc tun u canal alcabe ca tu yilah humppel zahcabe, ca oci. Tu tuclic beya, "Machiz! Ua cu ocol le uinic uaye, yan tun u dzoncen. Bix tun cin in bete? Nin caah in lath le zahcabo. Ua cu ocol uaye cin ualic tie desde zihcene tin lathtic le zahcaba." Ca tun tu lathtah le zahcabo.

After a while there comes that hunter, he says like this, "Ah, little rabbit. I've just found you. Now I'm going to shoot you."

Zam lelo cu tal le h-dzono. Cu yalic beya, "Ah chan thul. Dzoc in caxticech. Beyhora cin in dzonecha!"

"Oh, old gentleman, that wasn't me," he says to him. "Since I was born, here I've been here. I'm holding up this cave. If not, it falls."

"Ay nohoch dzul, ma teni!" cu yalic ti. "Desde zihcene uay yanen ten tela. Tin lathtic le zahcaba. Ua mae, cu lubul."

"Oh is that so?" says that hunter.

"Am beyo?" cu yalic le h-dzono.

"Like that." says the little rabbit. "My mother is in the grass. If you take hold of this cave, I'm going to tell her to come help me, because I'm already tired."

"Beyo." cu yalic chan thul. "Ti yan in mama te ichil le zuuco. Ua ca machic le zahcaba cin bin in ual ti ca tac u uanten, tumen dzoc in canal."

"O.K." says that hunter. Then he held up this cave. When the little rabbit saw that he had just fooled that man, then he went. That hunter then is thinking that that rabbit will return. He is waiting the return of that rabbit, but he didn't return. He made off.

"Malob." cu yalic le h-dzono. Ca tu lathtah le zahcaba. Ca tu yilah chan thul dzoc u tuzic le maco ca bini. Le h-dzon tuno tu tuclic he u zut le thulo. Tu paatic u zut le thulo, pero ma zunahi. Bin tu betah.

told by Martina Yu Chan, Ticul
tzicbaltabi tumen Martina Yu Chan, Ticul
(edited by Alejandra Kim Bolles from a recording)

There was it is said a man, who went hunting in the forest. Then he saw a little rabbit, then he said like this, "Now I am going to shoot the little rabbit." Then he began to go after that little rabbit, then he lost him because that little rabbit ran very hard.

Yan bin huntul mace, bin dzon ich kaxe. Ca tu yilah huntul chan thul, ca tu yalah beya, "Beyhora cin in dzon le chan thulo." Ca hoppol u bin tu pach le chan thulo pero ca zat ti tumen le chan thulo zeten chich u alcab.

When then that little rabbit arrived at a mound of shit, then he saw there were many shit rollers (dung beetles). He says like this, "Oh my comrades, a man is chasing me with his gun. He wants to kill me. Help me!"

Le tun le chan thulo kuchi ti humppel chan mul ta, ca tu yilah yaab cuclintaob yani. Cu yalic tun beya, "Ay in uetxibileex! Tu chucbil in pach tumen huntul mac yetel u dzon. U kat u cimzen. Antenexi!"

"How am I going to help you?" says one of the shit rollers.

"Bix tun cin in antech?" cu yalic huntul le cuclintaobo.

The rabbit answers like this, "When the man arrives then you say like this, 'Get out of my way comrades. If the spirit of my horse is frightened, what am I going to do? I can't deliver the load I am taking.' Like that you're going to say it."

Cu nucic thul beya, "Le can kuchuc le maco ca ualiceex beya, 'Tzelabaex tin bel in uetxibileex. Ua ca hakzic u yol in tzimne bix cin in bete? Ma tin in kuch le cuch cin bizca.' Beyo can a ualeex."

"O.K." say those shit rollers. Then with that that little rabbit went to hide himself.

"Malob!" cu yalic le cuclintaobo. Ca tun bin u taccuba le chan thulo.

When that man came, then began to speak the shit rollers like this, "Get out of my way my comrades. Be careful to frighten the spirit of my horse. If you frighten the spirit of my horse, I can't deliver the load I'm taking." So say the shit rollers as the man nears. Then he stopped, he waited the passing of that horse, but he sees nothing coming in the road. Thus he did, then he lowered his eyes down, then he saw those little shit rollers. Then he said like this, "Ah, you little children of the devil. For certain it is you who are yelling here." Then he grabbed one, then he put it in his mouth. When the rest of them saw him just take that one, then they all went.

Le cu tal le maco, ca hoppol u than le cuclintaobo beya, "Tzelabaex tin bel in uetxibileex. Bic a hakzeex u yol in tzimin. Ua ca hakziceex u yol in tzimne, ma tin in kuch le cuch cin bizica." Bey cu yalic le cuclintaobo ca nadzi le maco. Ca ualchahi, cu patic u man le tzimno, pero cu yilice mixbaal cu tal te beo. Le cu betice, ca chin u yich cabale, ca tu yilah le mehen cuclintaobo. Ca tu yalah beya, "A chan meheneex cizineex! Teex bacaan ca auateex tela!" Ca machah huntule, ca tu dza tu chi. Ca tu yilahoob le chucaanoob dzoc u machah le huntulo, ca lah binoob.

At that the one who was in the mouth of that man began to say like this, "Listen! Is it true you've accustomed yourself with your neighbor?"

Le tun huntul yan tu chi le maco hopp u yalic beya, "Uye! Tu hahil ua zucech yetel a vecina?"

At which that man doesn't answer because if he answers he has to open his mouth. Out will come then that little shit roller.

Le tun le maco ma tu nucic tumen ua cu nucic yan u hapic le u chio. Cu hokol tun le chan cuclintao.

Then said the little shit roller again like this, "Listen! Is it true you've accustomed yourself with your sister-in-law?"

Ca tu yalah le chan cuclinta tucaten beya, "Uye! Tu hahil ua zucech yetel a cuñada?"

"Humf!" says that man, but he still doesn't open his mouth.

"Humf!" cu than le maco, pero leyli ma tu hapah le u chio.

Then that shit roller began to think what then he has to do so that that man opens his mouth. Then therefore he said like this, "Listen! Is it true you've accustomed yourself with your mother?"

Cu hoppol u tuclic le cuclintao bix tun yan u betic utial u hapic u chi le maco. Ca tun tu yalah beya, "Uye! Ha ua zucech yetel a mama?"

"Ha!" says then that man. Then he opened his mouth, then came out thereby that little shit roller. Away he went. Then that man looked down so that he could grab another so that he put it in his mouth, but there wasn't even one. They have already all gone. Then he says like this, "You little children of the devil! Because of you that little rabbit has just escaped me. Now I won't eat because all you do is lie." With that he went home.

"Ha!" cu yalic tun le maco. Ca tu hapah u chi, ca hoki tun le chan cuclintao. Bin tun tu betah. Ca chin u yich le maco utial u cħa ulak utial u dza tu chie, pero minaan mix huntul. Dzoc u lah binoob. Cu than tun beya, "U chan meheneex cizin! Tu olal teexe dzoc u pudzul ten le chan thulo. Behlae ma tin in hante tumen texe chen tuz ca betceex!" Ca tun bin tu yotoch.

written by Alejandra Kim Bolles
dzibtabi tumen Alejandra Kim Bolles

There was a man, he made his garden. Then he planted an area with chile pepper. When it began to be eaten, then he spied, then he saw that rabbit certainly was eating it. Then said that man, "I have to catch you." Then he said, "I'm going to make a man of pitch." After he made it, then he took it into the garden, then he put it in the path of the rabbit. Then he went to his house.

Yan huntul mac, tu betah u col. Ca tu pakah hunkan ic. Ca hoppol u hantaal ti, ca tu cħuctah, ca tu ilah thul bacaan hantic. Ca tu yalah le maco, "Yan tun in chuccech." Ca tu yalah, "Nin caah in bete humppel mac zac cib." Dzoc u betice, ca tu bizah ich col. Ca tu dza tu bel le chan thulo. Dzocole ca bini tu yotoch.

The other day as it became light, then he went into that garden. As he arrived that little rabbit was just coming in. Then he stopped to see, then he heard what that little rabbit says. He says like this, "Get out of my way, you hear. If not, I'll punch you." Then he hit the little pitch man, then his hand stuck because it was sticky. When he saw he wasn't able to pull it off, he says like this, "Are you thinking that I haven't another hand?" Then he struck again, then his other hand stuck. He sees he can't take his two hands off that man, he says like this, "You think I don't have my foot?" Then he kicked, then his foot stuck too. Then he kicked with the other foot, then it stuck too. He says again, "Are you thinking I haven't got my stomach?" Then he hits the man with his stomach, then it stuck too.

Ulak kin cu zaztale, ca bini ich le colo. Le ca kuchi hach tu ocol le chan thulo. Ca uali u yile, ca tu yubah baax cu yalic le chan thulo. Cu yalic beya, "Tzelaba tin bel, ca uyic! Ua mae, cin malacech." Ca tu lahah le chan mac zac cib. Ca taki u kab tumen tatakci. Le ca tu yilah ma tu patal u lukzice, cu yalic beya, "Tan ua a tuclic minaan ulak in kab?" Ca tu ca lahah, ca taki ulak u kab. Tan u yilic ma tu patal u lukzic u cappel kabobo ti le maco cu yalic beya, "Ta tuclic minaan in uoc?" Ca tu cochatah, ca tak xan u yoc. Ca tu cochatah yetel ulak u yoc, ca taki xan. Cu yalic tucaten, "Tan ua a tuclic minaan in nak?" Ca tu hadzah le mac yetel u nak, ca taki xan.

Then the owner of the garden neared, then he took him to his house. The big lady's spirit was contented when she saw she has to eat that rabbit, then she said to her husband, "I have to make good food." That man says, "Good. Do it. I'm going to get my compadre so we can eat together." Then he went.

Ca tun nadzi le yumil col, ca tu bizah tu yotoch. Cimac u yol le nohoch mam ca tu yilah yan u hantic le thulo. Ca tu yalah ti le u ichamo, "Yan in betic malob hanal." Cu yalic le maco, "Malob. Bete. Tene nin caah in cħae in compadre ca mul hanacoon." Ca tun bini

Then the big lady wanted to grab that rabbit so that she could kill him, but that little rabbit then began to speak, he says like this, "Don't be quick to kill me. I can dance, you'll see."

Le tun le nohoch mam u kat u mache le thulo utial u cimzic, pero le chan thulo ca hoppol u than, cu yalic beya, "Ma a zeb cimzcen. Ca okotnahcen, a uile."

Then that lady said, "You're only lying."

Ca tu yalah le colelo, "Chen a tuz!"

Then said that little rabbit, "Allow me to be able to dance so that you can see."

Ca tu yalah le chan thulo, "Chaeni ca patac in okot ca a uile."

"If you don't go, I'll let you."

"Ua ma ta bine, cin chaicech."

Then that rabbit says, "I'm not going."

Cu yalic le thulo, "Ma tin bin."

Then he was let loose, then he began to dance. He hopped, but the only thing was bit by bit he did it so that he got further away until then he went. When her husband came again she was really crying. Then her husband said, "What are you crying about woman?" Then that woman said, "My food the rabbit got lost." So it was that nobody eat rabbit this day.

Ca chabi, ca hoppol u okot. Tu ppitinpul, chen baale humppit cu betice cu mas naachtal tac ca bini. Le ca tal u yichamo tu zeten okol. Ca tu yalah u yichamo, "Baax ca oktic cole?" Ca tu yalah le colelo, "In hanal thule pudzi." Ca ppate mixmac tu hantah thul ti le kina.

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