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A Grammar of the Yucatecan Mayan Language
by David & Alejandra Bolles

Stories about People

To finish off the modern stories given in this anthology we give here a group of stories about people. In almost every case these stories paint a very unflattering picture of the people in them. More often than not the subject of the portrait is a woman.

Most of the "people" stories we know of appear to be imported stories. There are two major sources for "people" stories: the "Grimms' Fairy Tales" and "The Thousand and One Nights".

Two of the stories given here take their themes from the "Grimms' Fairy Tales". One theme is from the story "Frederick and Catherine" in which the wife foolishly takes the front door off its hinges and carries it with her, thinking that is what the husband commanded her when he tells her to make sure that the front door is secure. In the end the couple scare some thieves with the door and gather up their booty. This theme is the basis for the story given here called "The Wife who sold the Pig". Another theme comes from "Hans and His Wife Grettel" in which the woman, after eating up the fowl which she was cooking for an invited guest, scares off the guest by telling him that the man of the house is fetching his knife to cut off the guest's ears. This theme is to be found in "A Man who caught Eight Quail".

The collection of tales from "The One Thousand and One Nights" is a particularly rich source for many stories about kings and their offspring and other stories involving royalty plus several stories involving magical people and powers. One of these stories, "The Story of the Slave Tawaddud", found its way into the Books of Chilam Balam under the title "A Merchant's Servant Girl whose name was Teodora". Another story, "The Story of the Three Sisters", has been told by Bernardino Tun and recorded by Manuel J. Andrade. It is interesting to note however that in the version as told by Bernie Tun the Princess Periezade has the good sense to provide her brothers with "keyem" (corn dough used for making the drink of the same name) as they set off on their journeys in search of the speaking bird. We have been not particularly interested in these stories and thus have not taken the time to transcribe any of them, but examples of them are available on both our recordings and on the recordings by Manuel J. Andrade.

told by Igancia Ku de Cen, Ticul
tzicbaltabi tumen Ignacia Ku de Cen, Ticul

There were two men lost in the woods who when they found the road to go to town were very hungry. They then passed by a house where the anniversary of the death of a woman was being done. As the men were passing, they saw that a lot of food was being made. Then one of the men said, "Go ask them whether the rosary is going to be done, then tell them we know to pray too."

Yan catul macoob zatoob ich kaxe, le ca tu caxtoob u be utial u binoob ich cahe, zeten tun uiihoob. Ca tun manoob ti humppel na tuux tu betaal le haab cimic huntul xunaan. Ca tun mani le macobo, ca tu uilobe tan u betaal zeten yaab hanal. Ca tu yalah huntul le macobo, "Xen a ualtiobe ua u kat u betoob u rosario; ca ualice c'uohel resar xan."

Then the man went, so they say. "Is there going to be a rosary here, little mother?"

Ca bin bin le maco. "Nu caah ua uchul rosario uaye mamita?"

"There isn't. We don't know the rosary. We are only going to light the candles. We are going to speak her name. We are not doing the rosary. There is nobody here to do it."

"Minaan. Toone ma ohel le rosario. Chen'c thabic le cibo. C' thanic u kabai. Ma tan'c betic le rosario. Minaan max cu beitc."

"If you don't mind, I know the rosary."

"Ua ma ppecexe tene in uohel le rosario."

"Do you know it little father, do you know it?"

"A uohleex ua tatito? A uohleex?"

"We know it."

"C' uohel."

"Well come on little father. Come on the both of you. I am very contented."

"Pos coteneex tatito. Coteneex. Hach cimac in uol."

He went to tell his partner, "Let's go in here. We only have to do the rosary, and we will have food. Let's go."

Ca bin u yale ti u etxibil, "Coox man telo. Ca chan'c bete le rosario, ca paatac hanal. Coneex."

Anyway, they went. They arrived; "Here we come, little mother."

Haylibe, ca binoob. Cu kuchlobe; "He'c taloone mamita!"

"Come on, little father, come on."

"Coten tatito, coteneex!"

They quickly rolled out their sacks, then they kneeled, then they began to say, "Las capsules, los perdigones, los fulminantes, los balas (the capes, the bird shot, the detonators, the bullets)." Things like that they said. "Chinga tu puta madre (fuck your mother the whore)."

Cu han hayle pita tiob, ca xolahoob, ca hoppol u thanoob, "Las capsulas, los perdigones, los fulminantes, los bales." Baaloob beyo bin. "Chinga tu puta madre."

"That's the way, little fathers. Bring back memories of my mother. You are bringing back memories of my mother."

"Beyo tatito! Kahzeex in mama! Ta kahziceex in mama."

"Las perdigones, los municiones, las balas, los fulminantes. Chinga tu puta madre."

"Los perdigones, los municiones, los bales, los fulminantes, chinga tu puta madre."

"That's it. That's it. Bring memories of my mother. I love the way you bring me memories of my mother."

"Beyo! Beyo! Kahzeex in mama. Zeten utz in than beyo ca kahzeex in mama."

"O.K. What's your mother's name?"

"Malob, bix u kaba a mama?"



"O.K. Chinga tu puta madre Aurelia. So. Ya esta la rosario doñita (That's the end of the rosary, little woman.)"

"Malob. Chinga tu puta madre Aurelia! Bah. Ya esta la rosario doñita."

"Is that it?"

"Dzoc ua beyo?"

"That's it. Now is there pay?"

"Dzocaan. Beyora yan ua u booli?"

"There is. Now I will quickly give you your food." Then a table was brought out, then the tortillas were brought out, then a turkey was brought out. "Eat, it's yours." Then one saw how they ate, they gulped down the turkey. When they were finished then she said, "How much do I owe you, father?"

"Yan. Beyora cin in han dza teex a hanal." Ca hozabi humppel mesa. Ca hozabi le uahe. Ca hozabi huntul ulum. "Hanteex! Atialeex!" Ca uilaal bix u hanlobe u cacaahoob u hancoob le ulumo. Le dzocobe ca tu yalah, "Bahux in paxmahteex, tata?"

"Nothing, nothing."

"Mixbaal! Mixbaal."

"I will quickly give you two tortillas and a little bit of that meat."

"He in han dzic teex cappel uah yetel humpit le bako."

"O.K. O.K."

"Malob. Malob."

Then she quickly gave them a stack of tortillas, then the breast of the turkey was brought out, the leg of the turkey too, then it is quickly given to them. "Here you are father. God pay you because you just brought me memories of my mother."

Ca tu han dza tiob humppel dzapa uah. Ca hozabi u tzem ulum, u yoc ulum xan, ca han dzabal tiob. "Helo tata. Dios botic teex tumen dzoc a kahziceex in mama!"

written by Alejandra Kim Bolles
dzibtabi tumen Alejandra Kim Bolles

There was it is said a man and his wife, who were raising a beautiful pig. Then his wife said like this, "Oh husband. What day are we selling the pig?"

Yan bin huntul mac yetel u yatane, tu cħizicoob humppel hadzutz keken. Ca tu yalah u yatan beya, "Ay uicham. Baax kin c' conic le kekeno?"

"Oh wife. When August comes."

"Ay uatan. Can tac Agosto."

The other day then after her husband went to work, then a man came, then he knocked. Then went the wife to open the door, she says like this, "What do you want big man?"

Ulak kin tune dzoc u bin u yicham meyahe ca tal huntul mac, ca kopnahi. Ca bin le uatan u he le hol nao, cu yalic beya, "Baax a kati, nohoch mac?"

"Woman. Is there a pig you'll sell me?"

"Xunan. Yan ua keken a conteneex?"

"We have one, but I am not selling it. I am waiting for August to come."

"Yan toon huntuli, pero ma tin conic. Tin paatic u tal Agosto."

"Well woman, I am August."

"Pero xunan, tene Agostoen."

"Oh yeah. You're August? O.K. then. I will sell it to you." Then she sold that pig.

"Am, Agostoech? Malob tun. He in conic teche." Ca tu conah le kekeno.

When her husband returned, then he asked where was that pig, then his wife said like this, "Don't you know a thing husband? I just sold that pig."

Le ca zutnah le u yichamo ca tu katah tuux yan le kekeno. Ca tu yalah u yatan beya, "Ma a uohel humppel baali uicham? Dzoc in conic le kekeno."

"But wife. Why did you sell it? Didn't I tell you that when August comes we sell it?"

"Pero uatan! Baaxten ta conah? Ma tin ualah tech le can tac Agosto c' conic?"

"That's what I did, husband. A man, named August, came, then I sold it to him."

"Bey tin betah, uicham. Tali huntul mac, Agosto u kabae, ca tin conah ti."

"But girl! Not the man August is what I am telling you, the month August."

"Pero x-cħupal! Ma mac Agosto cin ualic tech. U mes Agosto."

"I don't know husband. Me I have just sold it."

"Ma in uohel uicham. Tene dzoc in conic."

"Well let's go get it because that pig has a way to go to get fat. Pull the door. Let's go."

"Pues coox cħae tumen le kekeno yan u bin u poloctal. Col le hol nao. Coox."

That poor woman. Because she pulled the door very hard, at once she pulled it out, then she put it on her head to carry it, then she went behind her husband. Since her husband, because he was going very fast, didn't see what his wife is doing. When they had just walked a little bit, then his wife said like this, "Oh husband! I am already very tired."

Otzil le xunano. Tumen zeten chich tu colah le hol nao humpuli ca tu hodzah. Can tun tu kochah, ca bin tu pach u yichamo. Le u yichamo tumen zeten alcab u bine ma tu yilah baax cu betic u yatano. Dzoc tun u ximbalticoob humppite ca tu yalah u yatan beya, "Ay uicham! Dzoc in zeten canal."

"Why then are you already tired, woman? I see that we haven't walked very much." Then he turned his eyes back, then he saw his wife carrying the door on her head. "But woman! Why then did you bring the door?"

"Baaxten tun dzoc a canal, cole? Tene cin uilice ma yaab dzoc a ximbaltic." Ca tun zutnahi u yiche, ca tu yilah u yatano u kochmah le hol nao. "Pero x-cole! Baaxten tun ta tazah le hol nao?""

"I don't know. Didn't you tell me that I should pull it?"

"Ma in uohli. Ma tech ta ualah ten ca in cole?"

"But I didn't tell you that you should bring it. I only told you that you should close it."

"Pero ma tin ualah tech ca a taze. Chen tin ualah tech ca a kale."

"Well I don't know, husband. Me I have already brought it."

"Pues ma in uohel, uicham. Tene dzoc in tazic."

"O.K., woman. Since we have already come far, it is not possible that we return again. Bring it, so that I can help you." Then he put the door on his head, then they went.

"Malob, x-cole. Bey dzoc' naachtaloon, ma tu patal c' zutic tucaten. Taze ca in uanteche." Ca tu kochah le hol nao, ca binoob.

While they were doing this, it became dark. Then the wife said like this, "Oh husband. I am already very tired. I want to sleep."

Le tun cu betcobe tu akabtal. Ca tu yalah le uatan beya, "Ay uicham. Dzoc in zen canal. In kat uenel."

"But where are we going to sleep? There isn't even a house, there isn't anything, just forest. Anyway. Let's find some place to be." Then they arrived where there was a big tree, then he said like this, "Let's climb up into that big tree." Then they placed the door up there, then they laid down to sleep. That's what they did then.

"Pero tuux cen'c uencoon beya? Minaan mix humppel na, minaan mixbaal, chen kaax. Haylibe. Coox caxtic tuux yantal." Ca tun kuchoob tuux yan humppel nohoch che, ca tu yalah beya, "Coox nacal ti le nohoch cheo." Ca tu dzahoob le hol nao te caanalo, ca chilahoob uenli. Bey tu bethoob tun.

They weren't really sleeping, when they heard some men come. And after all they brought their guitars, they made a lot of noise. They are singing, they are drinking rum. They said the wife like this, "Oh husband. What is that thing?"

Ma hach uencobi ca tu yuboob tu taloob dzedzec macoob. Tu kayoob, tu ukicoob aguardiente. Ca tu yalah le uatan beya, "Ay uicham. Baax le baalo?"

"I don't know. I think robbers. Shut your mouth, wife. Don't you talk. If they hear that we are here, they will kill us."

"Ma in uohel. Mi h-ocoloob. Mac a chi, uatan. Ma a than. Ua cu yuycoob uay yanone, he u cimzcone."

Those men played, they sang, then the wife said like this, "Oh husband. I want very much to dance."

Le macobo tu paxoob, tu kayoob. Ca tu yalah le uatan beya, "Ay uicham. Hach tac in uokot."

"But how are you going to dance girl? Do you want that we be killed?"

"Pero bix tun can a uokot, x-cħupal? A kat ua ca cimzaalcoon?"

"I don't know. Me I want to dance very much." Then she began then to prance around on that door, she makes a lot of noise like that.

"Ma in uohel. Tene hach tac in uokot." Ca hoppol tun u tzantzanchaktic le hol nao, tu betic yaab hum beyo.

Then she is heard by the men who were underneath, then they said, "Machiz! What's that thing up there? I think there's very many animals up there." Then their spirit got frightened, then they went running. Then they left very many things down there.

Ca uyaboob tumen le macobo te cabalo. Ca tu yaloob, "Machiz! Baaxi baal yan te caanalo? Mi yan zeten yaab balche te caanalo." Ca hak u yoloob, ca binoob alcabi. Ca tu paatoob zeten yaab baaloob te yanalo.

When therefore that girl who was dancing, when she heard there wasn't any playing, then she said, "Finished husband. They just went. Let's see what they left. I see that they left very many thing down there." Then they got down, then they saw three bags filled with money, and their guitar. Then they said, "Machiz! Those men certainly were robbers."

Le tun le x-cħupal tu okoto ca tu uyah minaan le paxe, ca tu yalah, "Dzoci uicham. Dzoc u binoob. Coox uilic baax tu ppatoob. Tin uilic zeten yaab baal tu ppatahoob te cabalo." Can tun emoob, ca tu uilhoob oxppel zabucan chupi yetel takin yetel u guitarra. Ca tu yalahoob beya, "Machiz! Le macoob h-ocoloob bacaan."

Then the wife said like this, "What are we going to do then?"

Ca tu yalah le uatan beya, "Baax can a bete tun?"

"Not what, girl. Let's take this money. Since you have already sold that pig, let's take this money."

"Ma baaxi, x-cħupal! Coox bizic le takina. Bey dzoc a conic le kekeno coox bizic le takina."

"Aren't we going to get that pig?"

"Ma tan'c bin cħae le kekeno?"

"What pig? Don't you see how much money we have now?"

"Baax keken? Ma ta uilic bahun takin yan toon beyora?"

"O.K. then." Then they loaded the bags with money on their backs, then they went to their home.

"Malob tun." Ca tu cuchoob le zabucanoob yetel takin, ca tu bizoob tu yotocho.

told by Ladislao Cen Chan, Ticul
tzicbaltabi tumen Ladislao Cen Chan, Ticul

There was they say an old man who had a gun, but it couldn't hit those birds. Then he said to his wife, "If you could see wife, this gun of mine doesn't hit the birds."

Yan bin huntul nohoch dzule yan humppel u dzon, pero ma tu tzayah ti le cħicħobo. Ca tu yalah ti u yatan, "Ua ca uile uatan, le in dzona ma tu tzayah ti le cħicħobo."

"Husband. Why don't you make a box trap?"

"Uicham. Baaxten ma ta betic humppel arcon."

"Your word is true, woman. I'm going to make a box trap." Then therefore he made it, then he took it into the woods. Then he put it where the quail drink water, then he put a little pinch of corn beneath the box trap. When those little quail came again, their spirits were contented when they saw that corn. Then they went in, then they moved the little cord which held the lid of the box trap up. Then it closed. When the man went to look, there were eight little quail. Then he went running to his home. He arrives, he says to his wife like this, "Wife. I just caught eight little quail."

"Hah a than, cole. Nin caah in bete humppel arcon." Ca tun tu betah, ca tu bizah te ich kaxo. Ca tu dza tuux cu ukic ha le becħobo, ca tu dza hun chan thuy ixim yanal le arcono. Le ca taloob le chan becħobo, cimac u yoloob ca tu yiloob le ixime. Ca ocobi, ca tu peczcoob u chan zuum tuux thili le u mac le arcono. Ca kali. Ca bin le mac u yilo, ocho chan becħoob yani. Ca bin alcabi tu yotoch. Cu kuchie, cu yalic ti u yatan beya, "Uatan! Dzoc in chucic ocho chan becħoob."

"Didn't I tell you father? What do you want your gun for? The box trap is better. Since you've just caught those birds, go tell your compadre to come here. Then we'll eat together."

"Ma tin ualah tech tat? Baaxtial tech a dzon? Mas malob le arcono. Bey dzoc a chucic le cħicħobo, xen a uale ti a compadre ca tac uaye caah'c muul hante."

With that the old man went. When he arrived at the home of his compadre, then he said to him like this, "Compadre. You should come to eat at my house. You're going to eat boiled pumpkin seeded quail."

Ca tun bin le nohoch maco. Le ca kuchi tu yotoch le u compadreo, ca tu yalah ti beya, "Compadre. Ca tacech hanal tin uotoch. Onzicil becħ can a hante."

"Wow. O.K., compadre. Here I come. I'll just finish what I'm doing then I'll come right away."

"Machiz. Malob compadre. He in tale. Chen cin dzoczic baax cin betice cin han tal."

"O.K., compadre. I'm going to help my wife. I'll wait for you there." That's what he says, then he went.

"Malob, compadre. Tene tin bin in uante le in uatano. Telo cin in paatcech." Bey cu yalice, ca tun bini.

When then his wife finished killing all those birds, then she put them to cook with the pumpkin seeds. She stirred the pumpkin seeds, she stirred, she stirred, there began to be more. She counted, "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. It's really true. They're becoming more. I have to eat one." Then she ate it. Afterwards, she counted again. There were still ten. Then she ate another. She kept doing that, then there was only one, but she thinks there are still ten in the pumpkin seeds because she is stirring the one that is there in the food. Then she said like this, "I'll just eat another one." Then she ate it. She is stirring that pumpkin seeds again, but there isn't another bird. She has just eaten them all. Then her husband arrives. "Oh husband. Have you just come? Grab that machete. Go bring me a piece of banana leaf so that I can make tortillas."

Le tun u yatano dzoc u lah cimzic le cħicħobo, dzoc u dzic kaak yetel u zicli. Tu peczic ichil le ziclo, tu peczic, tu peczic, tu yaabtal. Cu xocic, "Huntul, catul, oxtul, cantul, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez. Hach tu hahil. Tu yaabtal. Yan in hantic huntuli." Ca tu hantah. Dzocole, tu xocah tucaten. Leyli tu xocah diezppeli. Ca tu hantah ulak. Bey cu betic, ca ppati chen huntuli, pero letie tu tuclic leyli diez yan te ichil le ziclo tumen tu peczice le huntul yan ichil le hanalo chichaan bey yan mas ichil le ziclo. Ca tu yalah beya, "He in chan hantic ulak huntuli." Ca tu hantah. Tu peczic le ziclo tucaten, pero minaan ulak cħicħ. Dzoc u hantic tulacloob. Le cu kuchul u uichan. "Ay uichan. Dzoc a tal. Cħae le mazcabo. Xen a tazten hunxet u le haaz utial in pakach."

"O.K." Then he went behind the house to cut the banana leaf. When that compadre arrived, then he said like this, "Where is my compadre?"

"Malob." Ca tun bin tu pach na, u xot u le haazo. Le ca kuchi le compadreo, ca tu yalah beya, "Tun yan in compadre?"

"Shut your mouth! Shut your mouth! Your compadre went behind the house with a knife, he's thinking of cutting your ear."

"Mac a chi! Mac a chi! Bihaan a compadre pach nao yetel u mazcab, tu tuclic u xotic a xicin."



"I don't know, but that's what he said. He has to cut your ear."

"Ma in uohli, pero bey tu yalah. Yan u xotic a xicin."

"Wow. Well wait I'm going."

"Machiz! Pues pat in bin."

"Wait while I quickly pull out a bit if the food for you to take, compadre. Meanwhile quickly bring me a piece of banana leaf, so that I can cover it for you."

"Patic in han halic hunppit le hanal a bize, compadre. Mientras han taze hunxet u le haazo utial in tohic tech."

"O.K." Then he went out behind the house, then he was seen by the husband of the old lady, he sees then that the compadre has a knife in his hand. He sees he's going to cut that banana leaf, then he said like this, "Compadre, I'm going to cut just one piece."

"Malob." Ca hoki tu pach le nao, ca ilabi tumen u yichan le x-nuco, tu yilic tun u machmah humppel mazcab le compadre. Tu yilic nu caah u xote le haazo, ca tu yalah ti beya, "Compadre, ten cin in xote chen hunxet."

Then answered the compadre like this, "Not one piece. Not one piece." Then he went running, he didn't return.

Ca tu nucah le compadre beya, "Mix hunxet. Mix hunxet." Ca bin alcabi. Ma zutnahi.

When the husband of that old lady came again, he says like this, "Where is the compadre?"

Le ca tal le u yicham le x-nuco cu yalic beya, "Tuux yan le compadre?"

"Your compadre has just eaten all the meat in the food. Look, there's only pumpkin seeds."

"A compadre dzoc u lah hantic u bakil le hanalo. Ilae! Chen zicil yani."

"What's that you say woman?"

"Bix a than cole?"

"Come see. There isn't any." She then stirred that food, he sees there isn't its meat, only pumpkin seeds. Then he quickly went out behind the compadre, but he wasn't there. He had already gone. That's the way it stayed, just that the old lady had eaten that meat.

"Coten a uile. Minaan." Tu peczic tun le hanalo, cu yilic minaan u bake, chen zicil. Ca han hoki tu pach le compadre, pero minaan. Dzoc u bin. Ca ppate, chen le x-nuc tu hantah le bako.

told by Martina Yu Chan, Ticul
tzicbaltabi tumen Martina Yu Chan, Ticul

There was they say a mother, who sat down to make tortillas. When her boy came, then he said to her, "Oh Mama. I want to eat old lady's phlegm with pop-eyed mouse."

Yan bin huntul mamatzile, culah tu pakache. Ca tali u tancelem pal, ca tu yalah ti, "Ay Mama. Tac in hantic hac zeen x-nuc yetel ppichi ichi cħo."

"O.K., child. Right now I'll make it." Then she got up, she went to catch a mouse. When she caught it, then she plucked out the eyes of the mouse. Then she put them in the corn dough, then she mixed it up. Only thing, she didn't put lard in, her phlegm like that she put in the corn dough. Then she mixed it up, so that she could make the thick tortillas. When she finished making the tortillas, her child came. "There you are child. I have just made that old lady's phlegm with pop-eyed mouse."

"Malob, pal. Beyora cin in bete." Ca tun likil, ca tun bin u mach huntul cħo. Ca tu chucah, ca tu hoya u yich le cħoo. Ca tu dza ichil le hucħo, ca tu xaktah. Chen baale, ma tzatz tu dzahi, u zeen beyo tu dza ichil le hucħo. Ca tu xaktah tun utial u betic le pimo. Dzoc u pakachtice, tu tal u pal. "Helo pal. Dzoc in betic le hac zeen x-nuc yetel ppichi ichi cħo."

"O.K., Mama." Then she tied them nicely in a piece of cloth, then she gave them to her child. Then he took it.

"Malob, Mama." Ca tun tu ci toah ti hunxet nok, ca tu dza ti u pal. Ca tu bizah.

When he arrived in the garden, then he opened it, then he saw the small eyes of the little mouse in the thick tortilla. Then he said like this, "What's this thing like this? My Mama certainly did put mouse eyes in the thick tortillas." He didn't eat then. He put them on his back, then he took them to his house. He arrives, he says, "Mama. What's that you gave me to eat like this?"

Ca tun kuchi ich cole, tu uachic, ca tu yilah u mehen ichobe le chan cħoo ti yan ichil le pimo. Ca tu yalah beya, "Baaxe baal beya? In Mama hach tu hahil u ich le cħoo tu dza bacan ichil le pimo." Ma tu hanti. Ca tu cuchah, ca tu bizah tucaten ti u yotoch. Cu kuchle, ca yalic, "Mama. Ban le ta dza ten cin hante beya?"

"I don't know, child. Wasn't it you who told me you wanted to eat pop-eyed mouse with old lady's phlegm? Well that's what I made for you."

"Ma in uohli, pal. Ma ua tech ta ualteni tac a hantic ppichi ichi cħo yetel hac zeen x-nuc? Pues leti tin betah tech."

"Did you really put in mouse eyes?"

"Hach ua tun le ich cħo ta dzahi?"

"That's it I suppose."

"Bey ixtaco."

"What then was the old lady's phlegm? What did you put like that?"

"Baax tun le hac zeen x-nuco? Baax ta dza beyo?"

"Well like that, my phlegm."

"Pues beyo. In zeen."

"But Mama! That's not what I told you. That old lady's phlegm, pig's lard, and the pop-eyed mouse, beans. That's the thick tortilla with beans I wanted to eat, not the thing you've made me. Ahreydobaya. What's this for me. Fo!" He quickly threw it to the dog. The thick tortillas were eaten by that dog.

"Pero Mama! Ma le tin ualah techi. Le hac zeen x-nuco, tzatzil keken, yetel u ppichi ichi cħo, u buuli. Leti u pimpim uah yetel buuli in kat in hante, ma leti le baal ta betah tena. Ahreydobaya. Baaxtial ti ten. Fo!" Tu han pulah ti le peko. Ca hantab le pimoob tumen le peko.

written by Alejandra Kim Bolles
dzibtabi tumen Alejandra Kim Bolles

There was it is said a man and his wife, who were very poor because the boy was very lazy. One day the wife says like this, "Oh John. Just go and gather fire wood, because there isn't even one bit of fire wood so that I can make tortillas."

Yan bin huntul mac yetel u yatane, hach zeten otziloob tumen le xibpalo zeten makol. Humppel kine cu yalic u yatan beya, "Ay Juan. Chan xen zi, tumen minaan mix humppit zi utial in pakach."

"Oh wife. I am very tired. Let me just lie down awhile. After I get up I will go gather fire word."

"Ay uatan. Hach caananen. Patic in chan chital huntzutuc. Dzocole cin likil cin bin zi."

His wife says like this, "O.K., but just awhile." Then John lay down to sleep.

Cu yalic u yatan beya, "Malob, pero chen huntzutuc." Ca chilah Juan uenel.

After an hour passed then his wife said like this, "John. It has just become midday, the sun is becoming hot. Go to gather the fire wood so that I can make a little bit of tortillas for you to eat."

Dzoc u man humppel ora ca tu yalah u yatan beya, "Juan. Dzoc u chunkintal, tu chocotal kin. Xen ti le zio utial in betic hunppit uah a hante."

"Oh wife. Still I am very tired."

"Ay uatan. Leyli hach caananen."

"I don't know. If you don't go to gather fire wood, I can't make the tortillas so that you can eat."

"Ma in uohel. Ua ma ta bin te zio, ma tin betic le uah utial a hante."

John says like this, "Oh O.K. then. Bring my sandals." Then his sandals were brought. "Put them on my feet." Then they were put on his feet. "Bring my hat." The his hat was brought. "Put it on my head." Then it was put on his head. "O.K. Lift me up." Then he was lifted up out of his hammock. "Take me to the door." Then he was taken to the door. "Put one of my feet over the door step." The one of his feet was put outside. Anyway, then he went with his machete.

Cu yalic Juan beya, "Ay malob tun. Taz in xanab." Ca tazab u xanab. "Tac tin uoc." Ca tac tu yoc. "Taz in ppoc." Ca tazab u ppoc. "Dza tin pol." Ca dzabi tu pol. "Malob. Likzeni." Ca likzab tu kaan. "Bizen ti hol na." Ca bizabi ti hol na. "Hoze humppel in uoc ti le marco." Ca hozabi humppel u yoc te tancabo. Haylibe, ca bini yetel u mazcab.

When he arrived in the garden, he was already tired of walking. Then he saw an old tree trunk, then he lay down to sleep again. "When I wake up I will go to gather fire wood." When he woke again it had already become night, then he said like this, "Ave Maria Santisima! It has already become night. I have done a lot of sleeping." Then he saw a tree trunk by his side, then he said like this, "I'm not going any further. I'm going to chop that tree trunk then I will take it. Tomorrow I come back again so that I can chop that fire wood."

Ca kuchi ti ich colo, dzoc u canal ximbale. Ca tu uilah humppel x-nuc chum che, ca tun chilah uenel tucaten. "Le can ahcene cin bin in caxte le zio." Le ca ahe dzoc u akabtal, ca tu yalah beya, "Ave Maria Santisima! Dzoc u akabtal. Hach yaab uenel tin betah." Ca tu uilah humppel chum che tu yicnalo, ca tu yalah beya, "Ma tin bin mas nach. Nin caah in cħace le chum cheo ca in bize. Zamal cin ca zut utial in cħac le zio."

Then he began to chop that tree trunk, then he saw there was something inside. Then he said like this, "What is there here?" Then he peered in, then he saw, it was like a jar. Then he took off all the debris there was on top of it, then he saw it was full with gold. "Wow! What's this thing here? I think it is pure gold. Who knows who left it here. Anyway. Since I have just found it, I think it is mine, but I can't take it all because it is very heavy. I am going to take only two pieces of gold." Then he took them.

Ca hoppol u cħacic le chum cheo, ca tu uilah yan baal ichil. Ca tu yalah beya, "Baax yan tela?" Ca tu cħenebtah, ca tu uilah, bey humppel ppule. Ca tu lukzah tulacal le zohol yan yokole, ca tu uilah chup yetel takin. "Machiz. Baax le baal beya? Mi puro takin. Quien sabe max tu patah tela. Haylibe. Bey dzoc in caxtico, mi intial, pero ma tin bizic tulacal tumen hach al. Nin caah in bize chen cappel le takino." Ca tu bizah.

When he arrives at his home, his wife says like this, "But John! Where is the fire wood you went to get?"

Le ca kuch tu yotocho, cu yalic u yatan beya, "Pero Juan. Tuux yan le zi binech a cħao?"

"There isn't any, but I found gold. Look. I brought you two. Go to sell them, then you can buy food so we can eat."

"Minaan, pero tin caxtah takin. Ile. Tin tazah tech cappeli. Xen a cone, ca a man hanal ca'c hante."

Then his wife said like this, "Where did you find it?"

Ca tu yalah u yatan beya, "Tuux ta caxtah?"

"There in those woods. Wasn't I chopping a tree trunk, then I saw there was a thing inside. Then I took off its debris, then I saw a jar full with gold."

"Te ichil le kaxo. Ma tin cħacic hunppel chum che, ca tin uilah yan baal ichil. Ca tin lukzah u zohol, ca tin uilah humppel ppul chup yetel takin."

Then his wife said like this, "O.K. then. Go tell the compadre and the comadre to come eat."

Ca tu yalah u yatan beya, "Malob tun. Xen a thane le compadre yetel le comadre ca talacoob hanal."

"O.K." says John. Then he went. When the compadres arrived then they said like this, "What is happening here? Before wasn't it that you hadn't any money so that you could eat? Why then today do you have much money?"

"Malob." cu yalic Juan. Ca bini. Le ca kuchi le u compadreobo ca tu yaloob beya, "Baax cu uchul tela? Ma cuchi minaan teex takin utial a hanteex? Baaxten behlae zen yaab takin yan teex?"

John Lazy says like this, "Don't you know? I found gold."

Ca yalic Juan Makol beya, "Ma ca a uohel teexe, tene tin caxtah takin."

"Ah so? How did you do it?" Then they were told everything by John how and where he found that gold.

"Am bey? Bix tun ta betah." Ca lah tzol tiob tumen Juan bixi yetel tuuxi tu caxtah le takino.

When they finished eating then the compadre went to his home. Then he began to think how will he screw that John, he thinks like this, "I am going to wait for it to become dark, then I will go there in the garden so that I can grab all that gold so that I screw my compadre John." That he did.

Le ca dzocol u hanalobo, ca bini le compadre tu yotoch. Ca hoppol u tuclic bix u topic le Juano, cu tuclic beya, "Nin caah in paate u ekhocħentale, ca xicen te ich colo utial in lah cħic le takino utial in topic in compadre Juan." Bey tu betah.

When it became dark then he grabbed his machete, then he went. When he arrived in the woods, then he saw there really was a jar filled with gold in that tree trunk. Then he said like this, "Now I will take it. I am going to hide it. When my compadre comes to take it, it's gone. I have already taken it." He takes off the debris there was on top, then he saw there was purely snakes. Then he was surprised, then he quickly covered the mouth of the jar with stone. Then he said like this, "This little devil my compadre has just lied to me, but now I am going to screw him."

Le ca ekhocħenchahe ca tu cħa u mazcabe, ca bini. Le ca kuchi ti kaxo, ca tu yilah hahil yan humppel ppul cħup yetel takin ichil le chum cheo. Ca tu yalah beya, "Beyora cin in biza. Ca in tace. Le can tac in compadre u cħao, minaan. Dzoc in bizic." Tu lukzic u zoholi yan yokolo, ca tu yilah puro can yani. Ca hak u yol, ca tu han macah u hol le ppulo yetel tunich. Ca tu yalah beya, "Le u mehen cizin in compadre dzoc u tuzcen, pero beyora cin in topa."

Then he put the jar on his head, then he took it to John Lazy's house. When he arrived at John's house, then he said like this, "Compadre, didn't you tell me you found very much gold? Well, I am just bringing it to you. Here!" Then he threw it on top of John who was lying there, but when the jar fell, then it broke. Then the gold all spilled out.

Ca tu kochah le ppulo, ca tu bizah tu yotoch Juan Makol. Le ca kuch tu yotoch Juan, ca tu yalah beya, "Compadre. Ma ta ualah tene ta caxtah zeten yaab takin? Pos, dzoc in tazic tech. Hela!" Ca tu pulah yokol le Juan chilicbalo, pero le ca lubi le ppulo, ca paxi. Ca lah kikitpah le takino.

Then John said like this, "Oh compadre. God pays you very much for just bringing me this gold because I am too tired to go and take it."

Ca tu yalah Juan beya, "Ay compadre. Hach dios botic tech dzoc a tazic ten le takina tumen hach caananen ca xicen in cħae."

The compadre turned his back, then he went. He was very angry because with him it was purely snakes, with John pure gold. Because of that he was angry. Then he became sick, then it gave him green shit (diarrhea). Then he died.

Le compadre ca tu zut u pache, ca bini. Zeten tun tu kuxi tumen yetel letie puro can, yetel le Juan puro takin. Tu olal le u cuxilo. Ca kohaanchahi, ca tu dza yax ta ti. Ca cimi.

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