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Publications and Citations

Citation of FAMSI Published Material

To cite sources from the FAMSI website, please use the following format:

Author's name (last name first). Document Title. Date of FAMSI Website Publication.
Date of access. <URL>.

e.g. Feldman, Lawrence. English/Cho'ltí'/Spanish Dictionary. 2007. 08-15-2007.

Publication date for FAMSI material is denoted on the page with a copyright symbol © and a date. If however, you are unable to find a publication date on the page itself, you can search for the material in our Bibliografía Mesoamericana database.

If you are citing from one of the many dictionaries on our site, you can find the publication date on the main Dictionary page.

Procedures for Publication of FAMSI Images

Images on the FAMSI website are freely available to all interested parties for scholarly study. For publication of images from our online collections, permission must be requested from FAMSI.

For information pertaining to photographs created by Justin Kerr, such as the Maya Vase Database, or the Kerr Pre-Columbian Portfolio, please direct your inquiry to Justin Kerr at:  mayavase@aol.com.

When FAMSI images (for example, The Linda Schele Drawing/Photograph Collections or The John Montgomery Drawing Collection) are requested for educational purposes only–not for sale or profit–permission is freely given. When FAMSI images are reproduced in commercial publications that are for sale/profit, appropriate usage fees will be charged.

For consideration of copyright permissions, please provide the following information along with your written request, to the attention of the site administator:

  • Your contact information, including name, affiliation, mailing and email addresses, telephone and fax numbers.
  • List of specific images to be published. (Number from our online collections or provide a link to the webpage and the image filename.)
  • Description of intended use and whether it is for profit or non-profit.
  • Title of publication (or production) and title of article or paper, if applicable.
  • Name of publisher or producer.
  • Names of authors and editors.
  • Expected number in print run and image sizes of intended use (for example, ¼ page, ½ page, full page). Specify if cover image.

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