Drawing after Miguel Covarrubias – Indian Art of Mexico & Central America Death Gods, Smiling Faces and Colossal Heads: Archaeology of the Mexican Gulf Lowlands
by Richard Diehl

Profiles of Gulf Lowlands Archaeologists Past, Present and Future

Gordon Frederick Ekholm — the Maverick of Mesoamerica's Northern Frontiers (1909-1987)
Gordon Ekholm was a true maverick in Mesoamerican archaeology for over four decades. An undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota, together with an MA and PhD from Harvard should have molded him into an intellectual card-carrying member of the American Orthodox Archaeological Fraternity but he maintained a refreshingly iconoclastic approach to understanding the past all his life.  Read more...

Ramón Arellanos Melgarejo — a Modern-day Veracruz Smiling Face (1943-2002)
While Ramón Arellanos Melgarejo enjoyed a long and distinguished career in Mesoamerican archaeology; his friends and colleagues remember him not only for his scholarly research but also because he could never go more than a few minutes without bursting into a broad grin that made southern Veracruz Smiling Face figurines look grumpy in comparison. He was a true "Cara Sonriente"!   Read more...


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