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Ceramic Analysis of Temple B, Río Bec, Quintana Roo, México
Stan Freer


Like any other research this analysis could not have been done without the assistance of various people. First, I must thank Dr. Prentice Thomas Jr., Project Director of the Río Bec-Becán Archaeological Expedition - 1976, sponsored by the Universidad de las Americas in Cholula México (UDLA - formerly México City College), for selecting me as the Ceramicist and Laboratory Director of the Project. Needless to say I would not have been able to do any of this analysis without his support and confidence in my abilities. At the time I was a graduate student at UDLA. My task was to analyse some 83,000 sherds from House Mound 6G at Becán and Temple B, plus some outlying mounds and structures, at Río Bec. In order to complete such a daunting task it was necessary to employ the assistance of many others. To those helpers I would like to recognize their contributions here. I would like to thank those people who did such a careful job at cleaning the cultural materials. Without their careful work I would still be in Bacalar washing sherds! (Not that I would complain about living on a lagoon all those years!). Therefore, I must give a big thanks for the assistance of Maria Eugenia, Jan, and Linda for all their work. Last but not least, Cole Wilson’s assistance in Winnipeg was most appreciated in helping me in data layout and entry. His statistical experience from other projects proved indispensable and saved me from many pitfalls and hours of work. To all the above thank you!

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