Part of drawing of North Grotto Painting 1c © David Grove. David Grove
The Middle Preclassic Period Paintings of Oxtotitlan, Guerrero

North Grotto — Painting 3

The head of a supernatural creature, with a mammalian-like tongue. Three circles are painted above the head, and another three occur beneath it. This painting may be a calendric glyph with the circles representing the number six.

During my 1968 research at the cave the painting was in situ in the North Grotto. When I returned to Oxtotitlan in 1969, the painting was missing. It had been removed and stolen. About a decade later, the painting was recovered (see "Painting 3 recent") and today is in the possession of the Centro INAH Guerrero.

Painting 3, 1968, in situ - Click on image to enlarge

Painting 3, 1968, in situ.

Drawing of Painting 3 - Click on image to enlarge

Painting 3 drawing.

Painting 3, recent photo - Click on image to enlarge

Painting 3, recent photo.

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