Christiane Clados
Nasca Drawings Collection

Narrative Style

Different/Sequential Moments of Time in one Scene

Scenes with more than one figure sometimes depict different/sequential moments in time. Actions that would normally take place one after the other are represented in the same scene: smaller human figures that have caught a trophy are grasped by a larger mythical being which sometimes is grasped by another mythical being (CL 152, 213). Image CL 54, 331 and 332 show Feline Man with trophy head(s) while he is caught by the Standing/Seated Anthropomorphic Being.

Non-Separating in Late Nasca Style

In late Nasca paintings (Proliferous Style) different characters are colored in the same colour, but are not separated by black lines. A good example is the Chained Heads Theme (Proulx 2006, 112-113) in which several Rayed Faces connected by their extended tongues are colored with the same colour creating the impression they form one being (CL 238, 314, 322).

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