Piedras Negras - Piecing Together the Past

Exploring the Archaeological Dig at Piedras Negras, Guatamala

During the 1999 field season, KBYU Television sent a camera crew to Piedras Negras to capture an "image" of the site and the work being conducted there. The following is a compilation of video clips that provide an audio/visual introduction to the archaeological site.

Acropolis Acropolis
   Dr. Houston explains the most elaborate structure found at Piedras Negras
   A royal chamber bed reconstructed
   Dr. Houston explains the reconstruction process
   Dr. Houston further explains the masonry
   Dr. Houston describes the mortar used in reconstruction
   What test pits reveal about the Acropolis
   Tatiana Proskuriakov's story and burial
   Dr. Houston describes the orientation of the site from atop the Acropolis
   Dr. Houston describes the layout of a crypt in an Acropolis court yard
   Dr. Houston illustrates the archaeological process of peeling back the layers of time
   Standing at the site of the last great throne, Dr. Houston describes the destruction of Piedras Negras

Ball Court Ball Court
   Dr. Houston describes the ancient Mayan ball court and game

Cemetery Cemetery
   Dr. Houston explains a skeleton found in a crypt of cemetary court yard
   Dr. Houston explains what can be learned from the skeleton
   Dr. Houston explains reasons for the skull deformation
   Dr. Houston explains how they found an ancient cemetary
   Dr. Houston describes the details of a glyph

Pyramid Pyramid
   Dr. Houston explains Pyramid 0-13, the site of many great Mayan finds
   Dr. Houston explains modeled stucco
   Dr. Houston translates an ancient hieroglyph

Sweat Baths Sweat Baths
   Dr. Houston explains the sweat bath

Turtle Gate Turtle Gate
   Dr. Houston explains archaeological reasoning
   Dr. Houston describes the great Turtle gate to the city

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