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IXIMCHÉ  (circa A.D. 1470-1521)

Iximché was a PostClassic capital of the Kakchiquel Maya. It is located 50 miles northwest of Guatemala City on Highway 1 near the town of Tecpán. Drawing upon earlier PreClassic and Classic traditions interwoven with rituals adopted from the neighboring Nahua-Pipil, the Kakchiquel created a unique cultural blend thriving for over three centuries until their defeat at the hands of the notorious Spanish Conquistador Pedro de Alvarado.

Image - The ruins of Iximché

The ruins of Iximché are composed of four large plazas that define distinct ritual and residential compounds attached end to end along the plateau. Each plaza has from one to three temples, a number of surrounding palaces, and numerous small platforms intended for various ceremonial uses. The Kakchiquel were governed by two kings who were elected from among four lineages to which each Iximché citizen claimed membership. The last of the kings were Lord Beleje Kat, and Lord Kaji Imox who allied himself with the Spaniards in an effort to avenge themselves on their K'iche rivals. Click on Image for more detail.

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