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Raymond Kerkhove

Explaining Aztec Human Sacrifice  (9.97 MB) - posted 9/03/2013

Santiago Andres Garcia

Early Representations of Mesoamerica's Feathered Serpent: Power, Identity, and the spread of a Cult  (4.49 MB)

Jeffrey L. Baker

Maya Wetlands Ecology and Pre-Hispanic Utilization of Wetlands in Nortwestern Belize  (5.01 MB)

Inga E. Calvin

Between Text and Image: An Analysis of Pseudo-Glyphs on Late Classic Maya Pottery from Guatemala   (59.7 MB)

David Cheetham

Interregional Interaction, Symbol Emulation, and the Emergence of Socio-Political Inequality in the Central Maya Lowlands  (2.79 MB)

Travis Doering

Obsidian Artifacts from San Andres La Venta, Tabasco, Mexico  (7.77 MB)

Travis Doering

An Unexplored Realm in the Heartland of the Southern Gulf Olmec: Investigations at El Marquesillo, Veracruz, Mexico  (24.0 MB)

Josalyn Ferguson

The Ballgame at Baking Pot, Belize: An Analysis of the Ballcourts at a Maya Civic Centre  (14.8 MB)

Ana García Barrios   (in Spanish)

Chaahk, El Dios De La Lluvia, En El Periodo Clásico Maya: Aspectos Religiosos Y Políticos   (64.7 MB)

Charles W. Golden

Bridging the Gap Between Archaeological and Indigenous Chronologies: An Investigation of the Early Classic / Late Classic Divide at Piedras Negras  (39.2 MB)

Amanda R. Harvey

Consequences Of Contact: An Evaluation Of Childhood Health Patterns Using Enamel Hypoplasias Among The Colonial Maya Of Tipu  (765 KB)

Zachary X. Hruby

The Organization of Chipped-Stone Economies at Piedras Negras, Guatemala  (20.2 MB)

Tracie D. Mayfield

Ceramics, Landscape, and Colonialism: Archaeological Analysis of the British Settlement at Lamanai, Belize 1837 to 1868  (120.0 MB)

Arturo R. Muñoz

Power, Production and Prestige: Technological change in the Late Classic Ceramics of Piedras Negras, Guatemala  (40.8 MB)

Zachary N. Nelson

Settlement and Population at Piedras Negras, Guatemala  (16.5 MB)

Karen Pereíra Fígueroa   (in Spanish)

Los incensaríos de tres cabezas en Escuíntla, Guatemala  (9.5 MB)

Dennis E. Puleston

Brosimum Alicastrum as a Subsistence Alternative for the Classic Maya of the Central Southern Lowlands  (25.1 MB)

Andrew K. Scherer

Dental Analysis of Classic Period Population Variability in the Maya Area  (2.2 MB)

Olga Stavrakis Puleston

Functional Analysis of a Workshop Tool Kit from Tikal  (13.3 MB)

Wesley Stoner

Disjucture Among Classic Period Cultural Landscapes in the Tuxtla Mountains, Southern Veracruz, Mexico  (81.6 MB)

Mark Van Stone

Aj-Ts'ib, Aj-Uxul, Itz'aat, & Aj-K'uhu'n: Classic Maya Schools of Carvers and Calligraphers in Palenque after the Reign of Kan-Bahlam  (35.1 MB)

Phillip Wanyerka

Classic Maya Political Organization: Epigraphic Evidence Of Hierarchical Organization In The Southern Maya Mountains Region Of Belize  (25.2 MB)

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