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Aztec glyph for "house" ABOUT THE FOUNDATION
FAMSI Logo (Image - Mezcala Temple Model k6905 copyright Justin Kerr) The Foundation (FAMSI) was created in 1993 to foster increased understanding of ancient Mesoamerican cultures. The Foundation aims to assist and promote qualified scholars who might otherwise be unable to undertake or complete their programs of research and synthesis. Projects in the following disciplines are urged to apply: anthropology, archaeology, art history, epigraphy, ethnography, ethnohistory, linguistics, and related fields.
Link to Granting Department, (Image - Cacao Bean Vessel k6706 copyright, Justin Kerr) The Granting Department  provides funds on an annual basis to support research projects that promise to make significant contributions to the understanding of ancient Mesoamerican cultures. Grant recipients are determined through an annual grant application competition. To go to the Granting Department page, click here.
Link to Research Department, (Image -Las Bocas Ceramic Vessel k6042 copyright, Justin Kerr) The Research Department  provides access to the Barbara & Justin Kerr Photographic Collection, the Linda & David Schele Image Collection, the John Montgomery Drawing Collection, and the Bibliografía Mesoamericana. It also houses a Mesoamerican-oriented library that includes over 2600 volumes donated by Michael D. Coe. Projects funded by the Foundation are not restricted to investigations conducted on the Foundation premises. To go to the Research Department page, click here.
Link to Publications and Citations (Image - AJ tz'i-b'a (T12.nn:501:314) © John Montgomery) Publication and Citation  information for FAMSI material and copyright license can be found on our Publications and Citations page.
For further information about the Foundation, please contact the FAMSI staff on our contacts page.

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