Image - Maya Scribe With Codex - K5768 - Photo © Justin Kerr MAYA HIEROGLYPHIC WRITING
The Ancient Maya Codices
by Randa Marhenke
The following notes, intended as a basic history of the ancient Maya accordion-folded books, were written in June, 2003 for FAMSI, by Randa Marhenke. Ms. Marhenke’s outstanding familiarity with Maya Codices is a product of her focused study of the Maya for more than twenty years.  Last Revision: February 15, 2012.


     The Dresden Codex
     The Grolier Codex
     The Madrid Codex
     The Paris Codex

     Léon de Rosny's Peresianus of 1869
     1871 Publication of the Cortesianus Page
     José Pérez and Sample Peresianus Page(s) of 1859
     The Aglio-Kingsborough Paris Codex


Fragments of the four Maya Codices.

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