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Debra S. Walker and Kathryn Reese-Taylor

Naachtún, Petén, Guatemala: First Analyses, Guatemala


Research Year:  2006
Culture:  Lowland Maya
Chronology:  Classic
Location:  NE Petén, Guatemala
Site:  Naachtún

Table of Contents

Prior Research
Settlement Summary
Ceramic Analysis
Phase Summaries
A Summary of Significant Findings
Unanswered Questions
References Cited


This report documents findings of the Naachtun Archaeological Project (NAP), specifically detailing the ceramic data collected in 2004 and 2005. It also outlines the ceramic sequence tied to a series of radiocarbon dates run with FAMSI support. The report briefly addresses some preliminary results of recent Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) of sherds from several Naachtun contexts. Finally, information on a series of looted pots rescued by the site guardian is reported in the Appendix.

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Naachtún, Petén, Guatemala: First Analyses, Guatemala  (1.99 MB)

Appendix: Looted Vessels Recovered by the Naachtun Site Guardian 2004-2005  (3.19 MB)

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