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A Mixtec-Language Atlas of the Mixteca Alta

Appendix I - General Resources

AtlasMixteco (.tif)  or   AtlasMixteco (.pdf)
The full visual compliation of all of the geographic information compiled for this study.

AtlasMixtecoIndex (.pdf)
A text-searchable index of all of the places and towns included in the Atlas, arranged by archive and by document.

INEGIMixtecaAlta (.jpg)  or   INEGIMixtecaAlta (.pdf)
A 300-dpi compliation of INEGI 1:50,000 maps D25, D26, D35, D36, D45, and D46. These were used as the base from whcich to plot the locations in the Atlas.

SporesNochixtlán1972 (.tif)  or   SporesNochixtlán1972 (.pdf)
A map of the archaeological sites compiled from Ronald Spores' 1972 An Archaeological Settlement Survey of the Nochixtlan Valley, Oaxaca. The location of these sites has been included in the Atlas.

AtlasMixteco16 (.tif)  or  AtlasMixteco16 (.pdf)
AtlasMixteco17 (.tif)  or  AtlasMixteco17 (.pdf)
AtlasMixteco18 (.tif)  or  AtlasMixteco18 (.pdf)
AtlasMixteco19 (.tif)  or  AtlasMixteco19 (.pdf)
AtlasMixteco20 (.tif)  or  AtlasMixteco20 (.pdf)
Subdivisions of the documents included in the Atlas, arranged by century. These maps show what place names are attested in 16th- 17th-, 18th- 19th- and 20th-century documents

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