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La Yerbabuena, Veracruz: A Salvage Investigation of an Olmec Regional Center near Pico de Orizaba Volcano
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Figure 4. La Yerbabuena. View of Pico de Orizaba Volcano from the west side of Pyramid 1. Looking northwest.

Research Year:  1998
Culture:  Olmec
Chronology:  Middle Formative to the Late Classic
Location:  Veracruz, México
Site:  La Yerbabuena

Table of Contents

Surface Surveys
The Obsidian Industry
The La Yerbabuena Monuments
Comments on the Plan of La Yerbabuena’s Ceremonial Center
Mecanized Agriculture and the Destruction of La Yerbabuena
Sources Cited


The specific objectives of the first field season of the La Yerbabuena project are:

  1. The determination of the total area and the precise limits of the site by means of surface surveys and the completion of a topographic or planimetric map. Special intensive surveys and some excavations will be done in areas where obsidian workshops are found.
  1. The definition of the cultural chronology of the site using stratigraphic excavations in the ceremonial precinct and other sectors, especially residential zones. Hopefully these excavations will recover organic samples suitable for radiocarbon dating. The ceramics at La Yerbabuena are well preserved, and we hope to analyze the major pottery complexes in detail.
  1. A crucial objective is the rescue of the remaining fragments of the Olmec monument in excavations which hopefully will recover key contexts concerning its chronology and its specific political or ideological functions.

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