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Frederick J. Bove

Archaeology of the Guatemala Pacific Coast
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Research Year:  1999
Culture:  Teotihuacán
Chronology:  Pre-Classic, Early Classic and Late Post Classic
Location:  Pacific Coast, Guatemala (this report includes several abstracts involving Oaxaca, the Gulf Coast, and Petén)
Site:  Escuintla

Table of Contents

Publishable Manuscripts
Relational Database
Ceramic and Other Artifact Analysis and Illustration
Design and Implementation of the Regional GIS
Future Goal
Teotihuacán, Militarism, and Pacific Guatemala
by Frederick J. Bove and Sonia Medrano Busto
The Archaeology of Late Postclassic Settlements on the Guatemala Pacific Coast
by Frederick J. Bove
Plain Stelae of the Guatemala Pacific Coast: An Interpretation
by Frederick J. Bove
Economic Interaction and Political History: A Chemical Compositional Approach
by Frederick J. Bove and Hector Neff


Funding provided by FAMSI was utilized in four broad categories. These were (a) in the preparation of publishable manuscripts, (b) the design, implementation, and completion of a large relational database including sites, stratigraphic data from excavations, ceramics, obsidian, and other artifacts, (c) completion of all ceramic analysis and illustrations of key ceramic types and groups as well as other significant artifact classes such as obsidian, and (d) the design and implementation of a large GIS database encompassing all of the data collected. Each of these categories is more fully described below.

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