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Early Copán Acropolis Program 1999 Field Season
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Figure 2: In the field laboratory adjacent to the site, project conservator Lynn A. Grant applies a dilute consolidant to stabilize fragments of bright red slip on the surface of this modeled ceramic lid.

Research Year:  1999
Culture:  Maya
Chronology:  Early Classic
Location:  Copán, Honduras
Site:  Copán Acropolis

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The second phase of research conducted by the Early Copán Acropolis Program (ECAP) completed its second season in 1999, comprising the documentation, conservation, and analysis of recovered archaeological materials from the tunnel network excavated beneath the Copán Acropolis. Much of this current research is funded by The Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc. (Grant 98005). The ECAP research has been directed since 1989 by two University of Pennsylvania Museum archaeologists, Dr. Robert J. Sharer (Director) and David W. Sedat (Field Director). The following is a brief summary of ECAP’s research during the 1999 field season (January 17-April 30) at Copán, Honduras.

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Submitted 05/01/1999 by:

Univ. of Penn Museum, Philadelphia

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