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Narrative of Some Things of New Spain and of the Great City of Temestitan,1 México.
Written by a Companion of Hernan Cortes, The Anonymous Conqueror.
Edited by Alec Christensen



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THE dress of this people consisted of several mantles of cotton-like sheets, although not so large, worked with bright patterns and with fringes or borders. Each of the men has two or three of these mantles, and they are worn by tying the ends over the chest. In winter they cover themselves with a kind of shepherd’s coat made of a very fine feather that has the appearance of silk22 or like our felt hats, and they are deep red, black, white, gray, and yellow. They cover their loins front and back with very beautiful towels which are like large handkerchiefs such as we use on the head when traveling; they are of various colors and adorned in different ways with tassels which are placed so that one falls in front and the other behind. They use shoes with only a sole and no upper part, and with the heel piece very much [30] adorned. From between the toes come out wide thongs which they secure to the instep of the foot with buttons. On the head they do not wear anything except when they go to war or in these festivals and dances. They have their hair long and tied in various styles.

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