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Akademische Druck - u. Verlagsanstalt - Graz
  Codex Cospi
(Calendario Messicano, Cod. 4093)


The Codex Cospi is an especially beautiful hand painted native book. The codex is well preserved, painted on leather and protected of the centuries by its cover.

The art style of the Codex Cospi displays a similarity in style with the painted polychrome pottery of Nochistlan of the Mixteca Alta and also with the style of Cholula-Tlaxcala.

The contents of this particular codex (on the front side) are arranged in three sections. The reverse side was originally blank but a later hand added notes on eleven rituals.

"One of the five divinatory screenfold almanacs of the Borgia Group. Its first three sections on the obverse each present a different aspect of the 260 day tonalamatl. The fourth section on the reverse in a different style and its interpretation is uncertain. It includes deities, what may be offerings, and sets of bar and dot numerals."
J.B. Glass, A survey and Census of Middle
American Pictoral Manuscripts, vol. 2, p. 74

Graz 1968. Vol. 18 of the series CODICES SELECTI.
True-color facsimile edition of the hand painted manuscript in possession of the Biblioteca Universitaria, Bologna. 20 folded pages. Format: 180 x 180 mm, total length: 3,30 m, folded continuously in PreColumbian screenfold format.

German commentary by K. A. Nowotny, 32 pages text, 6 text illustrations and 1 color plate.

The facsimile and commentary volumes are together presented in a boxed edition with leather spine.

ISBN:  3-201-00762-5

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            Image from Portion of Page 9 of Codex Cospi

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