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Akademische Druck - u. Verlagsanstalt - Graz
  Codex Magliabechiano CL. XIII.3
(B. R. 232)


"... The codex contains sections on the ancient calendar, monthly feasts and other festivals. The fine drawings, along with the short Spanish commentary, makes this a treasure of ethnographic information. This manuscript is often used as a source for text illustrations, while the accompanying commentary has been one of the primary sources in understanding the monthly festivals."
W. Ruwet, in: "American Antiquity", Vol. 37, No. 3

Graz 1970. Vol. 23 of the series CODICES SELECTI.
True-color facsimile edition of the hand painted manuscript in possession of the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze. 186 pages. Format: 215 x 155 mm; leather bound.

German commentary by Dr. F. Anders, University of Vienna, 80 pages, 11 text illustrations, 1 plate.

The facsimile and commentary volumes are together presented in a boxed edition with leather spine.

ISBN:  3-201-00763-3

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            Image from Page 125 of Codex Magliabechiano

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