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  Codex Vindobonensis Mexicanus 1


Counted as the most beautiful and detailed of the hand painted Mixtec books this treasure of ancient Mexico has been in the Vienna National Library (previously the Imperial Library) since 1677.

52 folded pages exhibit brightly painted pictograms displaying gods, birds, animals and flowering plants. For the study of temple architecture this codex offers abundant examples in full color. Several ballcourts are included in brightly colored varieties.

In formal layout, as also in style and content, the front and reverse sides of the codex differ from one another considerably. The front side treats mythical genealogies, for example, birth of the gods in mythical antiquity, whereas the reverse treats historical facts – the actual genealogy of Mixtec dynastic rulers. Altogether this codex represents a fascinating glimpse into an ancient native Indian culture of Mesoamerica.

Graz 1974. Vol. 5 of the series CODICES SELECTI.
True-color facsimile edition of the hand painted manuscript in possession of the Austrian National Library, Vienna. 52 folded pages. Format: 265 x 220 mm, total length: 13,5 m, folded continuously in PreColumbian screenfold format.

English commentary by Dr. O. Adelhofer, 44 pages, 4 plates (2 in color).

The facsimile and commentary volumes are together presented in a boxed edition with leather spine.

ISBN:  3-201-00757-9

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            Image from Portion of Page 3 of Codex Vindobonensis

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