Part of drawing of North Grotto Painting 1c © David Grove. David Grove
The Middle Preclassic Period Paintings of Oxtotitlan, Guerrero

Central Group

The Central Group consists of two large polychrome murals painted on the cliff faces between the North and South Grottos.

Mural C-1 is situated high on the cliff face. The painting depicts a personage wearing a bird mask and bird-feather cape. The bird mask has traits suggesting that it represents a horned owl. The personage is seated atop large supernatural serpent face. Size: 3.8 m by 2.5 m.

Central Group - Click on image to enlarge

View of Central Group area, showing the locations of C-1 and C-2 (2003 photo).

Mural C-1, from below - Click on image to enlarge

Mural C-1, from below.

Image - Figure 3c - Click on image to enlarge

Mural C-1.

Image - Figure 3d - Click on image to enlarge

Drawing of Mural C-1.

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