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Dictionary of Maya Hieroglyphs

FAMSI wishes to thank Hippocrene Books and John Montgomery for generously providing portions of his book, Dictionary of Maya Hieroglyphs, as the foundation for this new research resource.

John Montgomery’s Dictionary of Maya Hieroglyphs is a unique reference to the hieroglyphic writing of the ancient Maya that presents over 1,200 hieroglyphs and glyph compounds. Each entry includes the hieroglyph, phonetic transcription, Mayan equivalent, part of speech, and meaning. Entries are given in alphabetical order of their phonetic spelling. Multiple indices are included for cross-referencing by language (Mayan, English, Spanish), visual elements, subject matter, grammatical function, and "T-numbers". Now available from Hippocrene Books! Click to Order.

Please contact FAMSI if you have any questions or suggestions to improve the online Maya Dictionary and its organization.

The Dictionary  by John Montgomery
With updates by Peter Mathews with the most recently proposed readings.

Syllabary of Glyphs  by John Montgomery
A-M       N-Y

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Maya Hieroglyphic Writing
A Brief Note for Beginners

About the Dictionary  by Peter Mathews
What is a Dictionary?
How the Dictionary Works
What a Typical Entry Looks Like
The Organization of the Dictionary
Earlier Glyph Dictionaries
Thompson's catalogue of Maya signs
The Classification of Mayan Languages
Day Signs of the Maya Tzolk’in Calendar
Month Signs of the Maya Haab’ Calendar
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