Mythological Scenes

Codex-style vases generally depict mythological scenes and characters. They are painted with a fine line in brown-black paint on a cream colored background. To search for more Codex-style vases, type in words such as way, Snakelady, waterlily-jaguar, bowl-of-bones, scribes, or make choices by scrolling through the Iconography table in the Selection area.

File no. K531 This is a procession of three ways  (animal spirits): a waterlily-jaguar, a deer-snake (och-chan)  and a toad (bufo marinus).  File no. K531.
This vase depicts a fire-peccary and a turkey. The peccary’s name is written in Maya hieroglyphs as chi-tum.  File no. K1001. File no. K1001
File no. K2286 There are many versions of God A prime. On this vase, there are three versions of this deity. One identity is mol-ko-chi, the gatherer of honey;  another is the female Goddess of the Number 10;  and the third is named tz’iz-uinic  or  "swollen man," perhaps because he has imbibed too much fermented honey.  File no. K2286.
A supernatural woman, a version of the Moon-Goddess called "Snakelady," is wrapped in the coils of och-chan  (deer-snake) while an old god reaches for her. The bundled god, named Pax, looks on.  File no. K6754. File no. K6754

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