Warrior Scenes

Raids and wars were an ongoing occurrence for the ancient Maya. Vases show both small raiding parties and large battles as well as the aftermath, with abject prisoners in the hands of the victors. To find other scenes of warfare, you may search with words such as prisoner, spear, shield, atl-atl, trophy head; or make choices by scrolling through the Iconography tablet in the Selection area.

File no. K638 A group of warriors returns from a raid with a prisoner. His hair has been cut and he is stripped of his clothes and weapons. The executioner, who stands behind him wearing a jaguar skin and holding a stone axe, will decapitate him.  File no. K638.
A war captain dances with the freshly decapitated head of a prisoner. Three other prisoners sit in front of a ruler awaiting their fate. The prisoner in the center has had an eye gouged out. Attendants and other warriors look on.  File no. K680. File no. K680
File no. K2036 In a depiction of a raging battle, warriors with spears and shields fight hand-to-hand. The center figure is using an atl-atl  (spear thrower) as he steps over a fallen warrior.  File no. K2036.
A trio of warriors, carrying shields and spears, display amputated hands. They are the victims of war or personal combat. On ancient objects, severed hands have been seen hanging from the eaves of houses or worn as ear ornaments.  File no. K8083. File no. K8083

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