Palace Scenes

Many meetings, confrontations, and audiences take place in palace settings. These can take place in the mythological world as well as in the real world. In the database, palace scenes can be found by searching with the following descriptive words: rulers, thrones, curtains, attendant, or by scrolling through the Iconography table in the Selection area.

File no. K1728 A ruler confers with two Ah-K’uhuns (keepers-of-the-books or scribes). Tribute is brought in the form of tomb furnishings: a mirror, a lidded vase and two bundles. An attendant with a litter and a trumpet waits to be called.  File no. K1728.
An elegantly dressed elite lady, from Tikal or Dos Pilas, greets the ruler of the Ik  site (Motul de San José). He sits in front of a large cushion, on a throne or bench covered with a mat.  File no. K2573. File no. K2573
File no. K1210 A seated lord confers with a visitor wearing a skeletal deer headdress. Musicians play long wooden trumpets with bladders attached to enhance the sound.  File no. K1210.
A ruler confers with visitors who have brought bundles of textiles, sacks of beans, and a cone of salt. Women sit behind a screen as the lord addresses the visiting group. It has been suggested that a marriage negotiation is taking place.  File no. K2914. File no. K2914

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