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The Maya Vase Database is an extension of the Maya Vase Books by Justin Kerr and The PreColumbian Portfolio are photographs of various objects. Both can be viewed by using the search pages. Each database contains details about each object: dimensions, type, and location, if known.

For information pertaining to photographs created by Justin Kerr, such as the Maya Vase Database, or the Kerr Pre-Columbian Portfolio, please direct your inquiry to the Maya Vase site email at:

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To preview the databases, click on the images of Maya Vases below. These are samples of more than 1,000 rollout photographs in the complete Kerr Collection.

Rollout Photograph of Maya Vase, K1453 with Palace Scene. ©K1453 Justin Kerr  Palace Scenes
Mythological Scenes  Rollout Photograph of Maya Vase, K0521 with Mythological Scene. ©K0521 Justin Kerr
Rollout Photograph of Maya Vase, K2206 with Warrior Scene. ©K2206 Justin Kerr  Warrior Scenes
Animal Scenes  Rollout Photograph of Maya Vase, K3332 with Animal Scene. ©K3332 Justin Kerr

In conjunction with The Maya Vase Database, we present additional works in The Kerr Collections:

  • Articles based on the image and text on Maya vessels, written by various authors.

Click here for information on the Maya Vase Books by Justin Kerr.

For more information on the Kerr photographs contact:

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