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History of the Mexicans as Told by Their Paintings
Translated and edited by Henry Phillips Jr.
Read before the American Philosophical Society, October 19, 1883
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society XXI:616-651, 1883.
Edited by Alec Christensen

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CHAPTER [17] [p.630]

[War with Xochimilco.]

For the space of twenty five years the Mexicans remained under the dominion of the people of Culuacan during which time the people of [631] Culuacan waged warfare against the people of Suchimilco, and in order to prove if the Mexicans were really warriors, they ordered them to go with them to help them; and the Mexicans thinking they were regarded as women, sent ten Mexicans, and no more, with them to the war, and the remainder stayed in their houses, which they possessed in Tiçapan, 47 at that time a domain of Culuacan, and they gave orders to the ten men who went, that they should not slay any of the Suchimilcans, but that they should make them captives and cut off their ears; and the ten Mexicans did as they were directed so well, that they made prisoners of eighty of Suchimilcans, and from whom they cut off the ears, and from this the men of Culuacan recognized that the Mexicans were men of war.


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